Daria Musk

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Daria Musk

Singer/songwriter Daria Musk uses Hangouts to host mini concerts to showcase her work.

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Adafruit Industries

Adafruit industries hosts "electronics show and tell" sessions on Hangouts. Watch them here.

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Hanging With Newt

Newt Gingrich used Hangouts to discuss NASA, the economy and the budget deal in July.

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Cooking School

Lee Allison hosts a Google+ cooking school using Google+. According to the New York Times, classes are broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and cover everything from gnocchi to crab dumplings and fried rice. Allison posts a list of ingredients so viewers at home can follow along. How cool is that?

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Collaborative Coding

A programmer built this Google Chrome extension to enable collaborative software coding via Hangouts. The geek shall inherit the earth!

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Dell Hangouts

We'll file this one under Google+ Hangouts potential, but Dell CEO Michael Dell is mulling making Hangouts an integral part of his customer service operations.

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Data Liberation Front

Last month, Google's Data Liberation Front team drummed up support for its data migration service by meeting with journalists via Google+ Hangouts. One of the sessions involved eWEEK meeting with Google Data Liberation Front Leader Brian Fitzpatrick (pictured center screen).

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Not Hanging Out

Haven't tried Hangouts yet? No worries, it's not going anywhere. Here's a video tour of how Hangouts work.

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