Datos IO Updates Cloud Data Management with RecoverX 2.5

RecoverX v2.5 comes with advanced recovery options, delivers enterprise-grade security capabilities and delivers backup and recovery for geo-distributed cloud deployments.


Datos IO, which built its reputation as a data protection provider for NoSQL databases but has since branched out to cover all cloud-based apps, has again updated its frontline RecoverX product for multiple cloud deployments and larger workloads.

The cloud data management company on Nov. 14 released an upgrade—version 2.5, the second update since May—with new capabilities involving advanced recovery, enterprise security and geo-distributed backup and recovery.

RecoverX 2.5 is aimed at new-gen IT architecture comprised of microservices-based applications being deployed on elastic computing and storage services–a major trend which usually requires a fundamental reinvention of cloud data management for legacy systems. 

Datos IO’s RecoverX is built upon CODR, the company’s scale-out distributed data management architecture that itself is rooted in elastic compute services for cloud-native deployments. This includes distributed metadata catalog for data portability, semantic deduplication for backup storage efficiency of modern application workloads and granular backup and orchestrated recovery capabilities.

RecoverX supports enterprise use cases that include backup and recovery to/from/within the cloud, test/dev in the cloud, DR to/from the cloud and cloud instantiation – all developed for distributed, multi-cloud, scale-out application environments.

Datos IO RecoverX 2.5 includes:

Advanced recovery: The amount of data organizations need to protect is rapidly increasing, but customers are constantly demanding faster RTOs to meet their business agility requirements and to address critical mandatory IT requirements such as those required by GDPR.  These same organizations are typically hosting hundreds of tables, with terabytes of data, with change rates approaching 300 percent, yet they expect recovery times of just a few hours. To address this paradox, RecoverX now has advanced features that include queryable recovery enabling fast, sub-table level recovery. It also features incremental and streaming recovery, both of which reduce recovery times down to minutes and minimize storage requirements for large-scale restore operations.

Backup anywhere, recover anywhere: Cyber-attacks such as ransomware present a real threat and organizations need to protect their data across any geographical boundaries. Increasingly, customers have database tables spanning two continents, but they want data to be backed up and restored at the granularity of a single data-center location. In response, RecoverX 2.5 now supports local backup of geo-distributed applications, enabling local data center recovery for faster and more flexible RTO.

Enterprise grade securityDatos IO is experiencing high adoption in large enterprise customers across retail, e-commerce, financials and healthcare organizations--all of whom have significant security requirements. In response, RecoverX 2.5 now introduces support for TLS/SSL encryption, LDAP authorization and Kerberos authentication to deliver optimized security between RecoverX and data sources, in addition to integration with enterprise security management tools.

Looking Back at the Past Year

San Jose, Calif.-based Datos IO said it continues to experience rapid growth in 2017, doubling its installed base in the first half of its fiscal year, with 50 percent of its customers in the Fortune 500 and spanning several major industry verticals.

Rich Industry Partnerships and Product Integrations

Datos IO said it is committed to supporting a deep ecosystem of cloud environments, applications, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.  RecoverX already supports a broad range of modern technologies, including database sources Apache Cassandra, DataStax, Apache Hadoop (HDFS), Cloudera and MongoDB, cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and storage and infrastructure solutions from Cisco, NetApp, Cloudian, Igneous and VMware. 

Notable recent additions to the Datos IO ecosystem include:

NetApp and SolidFire: Datos IO and NetApp have partnered to provide robust and scalable solutions for storing, managing and protecting modern cloud applications. The combined NetApp and DatosIO RecoverX package provides complete storage performance predictability, enables rapid application deployment with guaranteed application performance, and offers fully orchestrated backup and recovery for modern applications built on MongoDB and Cassandra databases.

VMware: Datos IO RecoverX recently qualified for the VMware Ready for Application Software logo, signifying to customers that RecoverX can be deployed in production environments with confidence and can speed time to value within customer environments.

Amazon Web Services: Datos IO recently achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network, demonstrating its proven product merits for cloud-native applications and workloads, validated customer engagement, and overall product enterprise readiness.

Cloudera: As a member of the Cloudera Connect Partner Program, Datos IO has access to a broad range of resources and support from Cloudera to ensure Cloudera’s enterprise customers can leverage Datos IO recover for backup and recovery, with unique features including file level deduplication across the cluster to provide storage efficiency at petabyte scale.

Channel Partner Program – Earlier this year, Datos IO launched the Rebellion Partner Program and welcomed new partners including Promark Technology, GroupWare Technology, Technologent, and Evotek.

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