Dell Offering Azure Stack for Harsh Remote and Edge Environments

Today’s topics include Dell EMC bringing Azure stack to the edge, and Extreme Networks protecting enterprises from IoT security risks with its Defender for IoT technology.

Dell EMC this week is extending Microsoft’s Azure services out to remote sites and the network edge with its Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack.

This ruggedized version of its Azure Stack is designed to stand up to the extreme conditions found in a broad range of environments like a military battlefield or an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, where considerations like size, weight and transportability are key.

With the Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack, Dell EMC worked with Tracewell Systems, which transforms commercial systems to address specific military and business needs in space-constrained, mobile and other environments. The pair reduced the depth of the stack from almost 40 inches to 25.6 inches as well as the size and weight of the PowerEdge systems.

It also meets military specifications for working in harsh areas with high security demands and can leverage Microsoft’s Azure Government, Azure Secret and Azure Top Secret services for handling sensitive information.

Extreme Networks announced its Defender for IoT technology on Feb. 4, providing enterprises with a network-level platform for internet of things security.

The technology can plug into an existing network to learn and monitor device behavior and then automatically generate security policy to defend against malicious activities.

According to Camille Campbell, product marketing manager at Extreme Networks, "Defender enables companies to deploy IoT security for wired devices without having to worry about the underlying network infrastructure, in a compact, unified offering. The Defender Adapter is deployed as an overlay and sits between the IoT device and the network to monitor traffic and enforce traffic profiles with full Layer 2-7 visibility."