Densify Launches Cloud Industry’s First Optimization-as-Code Product

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Cloe Aware enables applications to self-optimize in order to bring cloud costs down while improving application performance.


Cloud-expense optimization software maker Densify has launched Cloe Aware, something the company describes as the industry’s first “cloud optimization-as-code” product. 

Cloe itself is a machine-learning based analytics engine from Densify that won’t get you a restaurant reservation, but she’ll tell you all you want to know about how your data storage system is working.

The company’s subsequent product, Cloe Aware, goes further in that it enables applications to self-optimize to bring cloud costs down while improving application performance.  Using the industry’s first optimization-as-code product, cloud operations teams can automate application optimization by simply adding one line of code into their infrastructure-as-code template.

As administrators know quite well, application demands can fluctuate every day, hour and minute of the week. In parallel, cloud offerings, such as a compute instances, can be purchased and configured in millions of different ways, and new technologies are introduced on a monthly basis. It’s impossible to align application needs with the right cloud technologies available while optimizing each dollar spent, Densify said. 

Densify analyzes cloud usage patterns, proactively makes applications self-aware of their resource needs – matching application needs to available cloud resources.  Cloe Aware represents a leap forward in cloud optimization.  By adding one line of code into an infrastructure-as-code template, that application is not only self-aware but now self-optimizing, the company said.

A single line of code entered into the “infrastructure-as-code” templates such as Terraform, cloudforms and cloudformation tools, dynamically calls on Cloe Aware, 24/7–and to not only giving the cloud instances self-awareness of their cloud resources needs based on business and application demands, but to also automatically self-optimize, Densify said. This means that the cloud instances on which the application runs are now able to automatically and dynamically change in the cloud–driving improved application performance and lowering cloud spend.

Cloe Aware is available now. For more information, go here.

Chris Preimesberger

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