Docker CEO Continues to Grow Container Business Opportunities

BARCELONA, Spain—Docker Inc. continues to grow at a fast pace and is positioning itself to be a catalyst that enables enterprises for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That's a key message coming from Docker CEO Steve Singh in a video interview with eWEEK at DockerCon Europe 2018 here.

During the event, Docker announced its new Enterprise Desktop offering as well as the Container Native Application Bundle (CNAB) specification effort along with Microsoft. Overall, Singh emphasized that Docker itself continues to transform and is growing both the technology and its business and a rapid pace.

"We're still tracking to our objectives, and the business is continuing to grow very nicely," Singh said. "In fact, not only do we expect to be in the rough range of triple-digit bookings for the year, but as we enter Q4 of next year, we expect to get to free cash flow positive, which is a fantastic milestone for the company."

Singh added that as long as the business is growing by more than 50 percent a year, which is his expectation for at least the next five years, Docker will invest everything above free cash flow positive back into the business.

Singh became CEO of Docker in May 2017 and has helped to lead a transformation of the container pioneer itself. In October 2017, at his first DockerCon, Singh's company announced that it was embracing the once rival Kubernetes container orchestration system. At DockerCon 18 in San Francisco, Docker announced new multi-cloud federation capabilities and developer improvements to the Docker Desktop. Singh also revealed at DockerCon 18 that Docker is on track to generate triple-digit revenues for this fiscal year.

Red Hat IBM

The pending $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat by IBM, has potential impact on Docker Inc., as Docker competes with Red Hat in the container market. Singh said that it was a smart move for IBM to acquire Red Hat.

"That said, this is a big market, and it's a market that is looking for an independent container platform to run any application on any infrastructure," Singh said. "I think that Docker is in a fantastic position to not just define that market, but continue to lead that market."

Watch the full video interview with Docker CEO Steve Singh above.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at eWEEK and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.