Eucalyptus and Puppet Labs Deliver Cloud Management Kit

Eucalyptus Systems and Puppet Labs have announced the availability of the Eucalyptus-Puppet Integration Kit for configuring, provisioning and managing Eucalyptus clouds.

Eucalyptus Systems and Puppet Labs have teamed up to deliver the Eucalyptus-Puppet Integration Kit for cloud environments.

The Eucalyptus Puppet Integration Kit is a new joint solution that makes it easier for users to configure, provision and manage Eucalyptus on-premises IAAS (infrastructure-as-a-service) clouds using the Puppet management system.

The integration kit is available at no cost and is compatible with the open-source and enterprise versions of the Puppet systems management platform and the Eucalyptus on-premises IAAS cloud software. The kit provides cloud resource and data center administrators with a faster and more efficient way to mange clouds and enterprise data centers.

Eucalyptus Systems is the creator of the Eucalyptus independent software platform for IAAS clouds, and Puppet Labs is the maker of the Puppet open-source systems management solution. Puppet is an enterprise systems management platform that standardizes the way IT staffs deploy and manage infrastructure in the enterprise and the cloud. Puppet helps teams create a seamless IT infrastructure across departments to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Meanwhile, the Eucalyptus on-premises cloud software platform lets organizations implement enterprise-scale IAAS using their virtualized infrastructure, without modification, special-purpose hardware or reconfiguration, company officials said. With Eucalyptus, users can make more efficient use of their computing resources, increase agility and deploy new applications faster, while protecting sensitive data and reducing capital expenditures.

"The new Eucalyptus-Puppet Integration Kit can significantly reduce the resources needed to deploy and manage enterprise IAAS clouds as a part of a company's overall IT infrastructure," said Rich Wolski, co-founder and chief technology officer at Eucalyptus Systems, in a statement. "Puppet is successfully used by thousands of organizations to manage their data center systems, and now Eucalyptus users can easily benefit from Puppet in their private cloud environments. We are pleased to add an open-source leader such as Puppet Labs to the growing Eucalyptus partner ecosystem."

The Eucalyptus-Puppet Integration Kit enhances the highly elastic and scalable Eucalyptus private cloud environment with the control, management and automated provisioning of Puppet. With Puppet and Eucalyptus, organizations can deploy a scalable and resilient IAAS cloud environment that is seamlessly integrated into their data center infrastructure.

"Eucalyptus is a recognized innovator in highly elastic and scalable IAAS cloud computing using on-premises data center resources," said Teyo Tyree, co-founder of Puppet Labs, in a statement. "With this partnership and the new integration kit, data center and cloud administrators have a powerful open-source solution for automating and managing Eucalyptus cloud development and application provisioning in a scalable, flexible and consistent manner."