Four Keys

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Four Keys

The four technologies that emerged as keys for future success are business analytics, mobile, cloud and social business.

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Educating Watson

According to the report, developers around the world believe the analytics capabilities in IBM's Watson supercomputer will have the most transformative impact on the education industry. The health care industry came in a close second.

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Big Data and Analytics

As businesses look to get more insight from high volumes of data, business analytics continues to be a key component for all types of organizations, according to IBM.

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Analytics Skills

There are a host of skills that IT professionals believe they will need to develop or deploy business analytics.

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Mobile Adoption

This is a list of focus areas for mobile computing adoption.

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Mobile Computing Skills

Here is a list of skills that IT professionals believe they will need to develop and deploy mobile computing.

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Cloud Implementations

Increasing numbers of organizations are taking advantage of the cloud with various types of implementations, including virtualization and storage.

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Cloud Adoption

There are a host of reasons for adopting cloud computing, from cutting capital and operating expenses to greater efficiency.

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Cloud Computing Skills

If a business is going to embrace cloud computing, here are some of the skills IT professionals say they are going to need.

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Social Business

Social networking is having a significant and growing impact on the enterprise, with thriving intranets fueling the rapid ascent of social business. At the same time, external social ecosystems give it a healthy boost as well. These are ways organizations plan to become more social, according to IBM's report.

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Geographic Adoption

The rate of adoption of social businesses varies by country. More than half of the businesses in India-about 57 percent-already are strongly embracing social business, according to IBM. That is followed by the United States at 45 percent and China at 44 percent.

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Software Development Skills

Software developers are in demand in a wide number of areas, from mobile and cloud computing to business intelligence.

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