Glide OS 4.0 Offers Google, Bing Search

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Glide OS 4.0 Offers Google, Bing Search

by Clint Boulton

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Glide OS 4.0 States

Users can switch easily from the Glide Write word processing app to the Glide Engage social networking app. Note the user's Twitter feed on the right and contacts below.

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Glide OS 4.0 Collaboration

A content creator chooses whom to share the word processing document with for collaboration purposes.

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Glide provides access to user profiles along with their contacts.

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Searching Bing

The search box in Glide OS 4.0 lets users search Bing and import search results into a synced folder. This will bring up the Glide OS 4.0 finder and users can target a synced folder to drop the result into it, or choose to create a new synced folder.

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Searching Google

Here are the Google search results for "emerging markets."

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Searching Wikipedia

Users can then select a pull-down menu that lets them toggle among the search results from Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter or Wikipedia.

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Sharing Content and Search Results

Users can capture content and choose to share results, create a new meeting to discuss results or go to the inbox.

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Selecting Content Destinations

Users can export Web content to specific folders on their computers.

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Formatting Options

Users can also choose what format they want the content to be rendered in: Microsoft Word 2007, 97, 2003, XP, PDF, RTF or Glide Write document.

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