GoGrid Big Data Solution Offers Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

For a limited time, GoGrid is offering a promotion for all customers that sign up for a 12-month commitment to implement its new Big Data Solution. This is a bundle of preconfigured hardware capable of running Cloudera's Distribution of the Hadoop (CDH) big data analytics tools.

Cloud infrastructure company GoGrid announced the Big Data Solution, an offering based on a hybrid infrastructure architecture that combines cloud computing with single-tenant infrastructure components, all managed through the GoGrid management portal.

Built to support high-performance analytic jobs and able to be used for applications that leverage NoSQL solutions like Hadoop to serve up content via app servers, the Big Data Solution is available as a bundle for $3,800 per month. For a limited time, GoGrid is offering a promotion through which all customers that sign up for a 12-month commitment will receive a 20 percent discount off the regular monthly charge.

GoGrid's new Big Data Solution bundle includes preconfigured hardware to match requirements for running Cloudera's Distribution of Hadoop (CDH) as an introduction to Hadoop or proof of concept.

The bundle consists of one Name Node and three Data Nodes in a multirack architecture plus GoGrid's Professional Cloud plan. With this solution, GoGrid customers leverage cloud servers to quickly scale on-demand to meet sudden spikes in traffic while leveraging single-tenant infrastructure specially designed for analytical use cases.

"The GoGrid cloud is about automation and allowing customers to scale efficiently," said Jeffrey Samuels, GoGrid€™s chief marketing officer. "With the introduction of the new Big Data Solution, GoGrid provides businesses with a reliable, high-performance hybrid cloud infrastructure specifically designed for Big Data workloads in the cloud. We're excited that we've already helped many customers optimize their Hadoop clusters on GoGrid and created this flexible hybrid solution to deliver the performance and scalability they require."

Martini Media, a digital advertising platform, has already deployed GoGrid's Big Data Solution. Martini's platform requires substantial processing power to handle more than 250 million online events each day.

"We considered four providers, and only GoGrid offered everything we wanted," said Manicka Babu, vice president of engineering at Martini Media. "Most important was the hybrid architecture. We're very pleased with the performance we receive using GoGrid. The improvements in Cassandra replication and latency are impressive."

Lydia Leong, research vice president at IT analytics firm Gartner, explained that organizations of all sizes are embracing the use of big data analytics tools like Hadoop as well as incorporating cloud transaction processing principles into applications that need massive scale, including the use of NoSQL databases such as Cassandra.

"Because these technologies are new to many organizations, customers may seek assistance from service providers€”whether cloud IaaS [infrastructure as a service] providers with strong customer support and managed services capabilities around these technologies or consultancies that specialize in these technologies€”to ensure they implement an architecture that will be stable in production and flexibly and dynamically scale," she said.