Going Green

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Going Green

This gorgeously designed Website is attractive to trackers of Google's clean power progress.

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Energy Use, Carbon Footprint

Google's 2010 electricity consumption was 2,259,998 megawatt hours, or more than two billion kilowatt hours of energy use. The company's carbon footprint is also detailed in the graph.

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Data Center

Rather than talk about how much power it uses, using this paper as a data point comparison, Google frames the discussion in how "little" power it uses—less than .01 percent of the world's power.

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In this case, Google claims its servers use less energy to provide a user search, Gmail, YouTube and other Web service per month than leaving a light on for three hours.

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Breaking It Down

Google's search power consumption stats compared to laptops, light bulbs and... orange juice.

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Gmail, YouTube

Did you know that powering one minute of YouTube is equivalent to the energy people burn in 8 seconds? Now you do.

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More on Gmail

Google provided a more detailed Gmail power consumption breakdown, touting how energy efficient, cloud-based messaging is compared to on-premise messaging systems, such as Microsoft Exchange.

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How Google Goes Green

Google does a lot of home "greening," using solar panels, shuttles and electric chargers for electric-powered vehicles.

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Clean Power

You also won't find another company that has invested nearly $800 million in solar, wind and sea power to curb energy costs.

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Clean Power at Home

In fact, Google plans on elevating its clean power sourcing, from 30 percent in 2011 to 35 percent of its total in 2012.

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