Google Apps Marketplace Gets Down to Serious Business

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Google Apps Marketplace Gets Down to Serious Business

by Clint Boulton

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Google Apps Marketplace Homepage

The Marketplace landing page.

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Before You Start Searching for Apps ...

Learn more about the Marketplace here.

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Looking for Apps

Similar to the Android Market, the Marketplace displays top-rated, most-reviewed and most-installed applications.

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Google Apps Market Categories

The Marketplace offers several application categories to choose from. Products include accounting and finance and calendar and scheduling. Services cover archiving and discovery implementation and custom app development. There are also enterprise search products and services. Pictured here are calendar and scheduling applications in the Marketplace.

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The highlighted key lets buyers know whether the applications include Google Calendar integration, universal navigation, single sign-on, Google Docs integration and Google Contacts integration.

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Vendor Pages

Clicking on a vendor page reveals all one needs to know about the application and vendor at a glance. Well, not everything, but what the application does, its price and the location of the vendor.

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Write a Review

Users may post reviews of the applications they like right in the Marketplace.

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Great Success!

Google lists application vendor success stories here.

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How to Join

Google offers explicit instructions for how to join the Marketplace here.

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The omnipresent terms of service page explains the rules of the Marketplace.

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