Google+ Boss

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Google+ Boss

Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of social for Google. Google+ engineers report to Gundotra, so if there is an update coming from some obscure corner of the + engineering team, Gundotra will reshare it to call it to the attention of his followers.

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The Lieutenant

Another key Googler responsible for Google+ is Bradley Horowitz, vice president of product for Google+. Horowitz is working on the real-name policy refreshes that have caused such uproar. Are you concerned about the ability to use pseudonyms in Google+? Follow Horowitz.

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Google+ users on the go no doubt use the Google+ for Android or iPhone applications. That falls under the purview of one Punit Soni, Google's head of mobile products.

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Building Businesses Support

For a hot week or two, the lack of business support on Google+ was a big pain point until Christian Oestlein, who is leading advertising for Google+, promised he and his team are working on adding support for business pages as soon as possible. Follow Oestlein to keep up with Google's progress on this front.

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Google+ Engineering

If you want to get into the nuts and bolts of Google+ engineering (think APIs), Joseph Smarr is your guy. He developed the Pulse social aggregator for Plaxo. Google scooped him up and put him to work on Google+.

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Product Extensions

Rohit Khare joined Google last year when the search giant acquired his company Angstro, where he built technology that helps "unlock the power of your social graph," which is industry parlance for adding social content, such as Facebook photos, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter tweets and other social services to other Web services. So what did he do at Google? He built a contact address book uploader for Google+.

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Circles Tool Builder

Meet Matt Waddell, Google's chief of staff, who has worked on mobile products and now works on Google+. He oversaw the construction of this tool to let Google+ users re-order circles by dragging them left or right on the Circles page.

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User-Interface Details

Kelly Ellis works on the super busy streams for Google+. Ellis dealt with a privacy flaw in the Google+ Stream reshare feature.

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Profiles Team

Frances Haugen works on the Google+ Profiles team. She recently made displaying gender on Google+ profiles optional.

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Google+ Community Managers

Get to know the Google+ community manager Natalie Villalobos. Follow her posts to see who has joined the service, and keep up-to-date on the action. She also created this Google+ update page.

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