Google, CloudEndure Offer Free Data Migration to Cloud Platform

Google and CloudEndure are offering free data migration services to any business interested in transferring data from five or more servers to Google's Cloud Platform.

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Business interested in moving the data from five or more servers to Google's Cloud Platform can take advantage of an offer of free migration service from Google and its partner CloudEndure.

The offer applies to servers running on any Windows or Linux environment and regardless of whether the server workloads are running on physical, virtual, cloud or hybrid infrastructure, CloudEndure said in a statement released Nov. 18.

“This partnership allows customers to migrate from any Windows/Linux machine and any platform, delivering quick migrations without downtime or data loss,” CloudEndure said. The goal is to give organizations a risk-free way to move to Google’s cloud platform, CloudEndure’s CEO Ofer Gadish said in the statement.

CloudEndure’s technology uses what the company described as a continuous block-level replication process for moving data to a new platform. The process eliminates the need for application, database or operating system level configurations while also allowing migrations to occur, even while a server is in use.

The company said that its technology supports all applications and can handle migrations without any performance impact even for write intensive workloads. In addition to Google Cloud Platform, CloudEndure offers migrations from any source to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

To transfer an application, enterprises simply select the application they want to move or replicate and the target location in the cloud. Upon submitting the request, CloudEndure initiates a continuous replication process where it first copies the entire application stack and data.

Next, any changes that might have occurred to the original data during the replication process are mirrored in real-time to the targeted location in Google’s Cloud Platform environment.

Administrators can then take advantage of a scheduled downtime to “fail over” the application to Google’s Cloud Platform and start running it from there. Or they can simply cut over to an up-to-date copy of the application in the cloud during the migration process.

The free migration services offer extends an existing relationship with Google under which CloudEndure had for the past several months offered live migration and disaster recovery into Google Cloud.

CloudEndure is not the only disaster recovery service provider with whom Google has a partnership. Earlier this year, Google announced a strategic collaboration with Geminate, a disaster-recovery-as-a-service provider based in Mountain View, Calif. Geminate has directly integrated its Cloud Recovery and Cloud Archive technologies with Google Cloud Platform and the two companies are together offering service providers a suite of disaster recovery services delivered from the cloud.

Now Google is leveraging the CloudEndure's, disaster recovery capabilities to deliver live-migration to its cloud platform.

Google also offers a variety of tools to migrate data, files and databases to Cloud Platform. These include tools for migrating data from Amazon Web Services, for loading data into its BigQuery cloud analytics service, and for importing and exporting data to Cloud SQL.

Several of the tools are available for free including those for loading data to Google Cloud Storage and for loading data into BigQuery or exporting data from it.

Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan

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