Google DoubleClick Ad Platform Adds New User Training Center

A new DoubleClick University will provide additional training opportunities for digital marketers to get the most out of their online ad campaigns using DoubleClick.

Google DoubleClick Training

Google's DoubleClick unit has just opened a new online training center, Publisher University, to help DoubleClick users stay up to date with the frequent upgrades that bring new features to the digital advertising platform.

The new training resource was unveiled by Marcus Jacobs, a DoubleClick technical trainer, in a July 1 post on the DoubleClick Publisher Blog. "At Google, we're constantly updating our publisher products to improve user experience and push the boundaries of innovation in the digital advertising space," wrote Jacobs. "We know it can be difficult to stay current with these ongoing updates when you have an online business to manage, which is why we're excited to introduce Google's brand new online training center, Publisher University."

The training center gives users a convenient place to find the help they need through self-study training for Google's DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and AdSense platforms, wrote Jacobs. "As your one-stop training destination for all publisher-facing products, the materials have been designed to suit a variety of roles and skill levels. Whether you're starting out as a trafficker or you're a seasoned manager, there's a training solution suited to your needs."

The course modules allow users to take exams to display their knowledge of the systems, participate in online labs to practice the lessons they are learning, and help find out the next skills that should be acquired using the learning tools, he wrote. "Access the same high-quality content delivered at our in-person classroom trainings from the convenience of your own computer. With a huge variety of regularly updated learning resources, there's never been a better time to brush up on your skills."

Google acquired DoubleClick after making a $3.1 billion bid for the company back in 2007. Acquiring DoubleClick provided digital ad and search leader Google with plenty of new firepower, including the ability to serve graphical display ads in addition to the company's text-based links. DoubleClick's technology lets advertisers and publishers deliver ads and provides statistics relating to those ads.

Google regularly offers special events and training sessions for digital marketers as part of its ongoing services to its clients.

In April, Google enhanced its AdWords features for digital marketers with improved customer re-engagement features, enhanced conversion measurement tools and other key enterprise tools to help digital marketers get more from their ad-based campaigns, especially those aimed at mobile users. The improved re-engagement features were aimed at helping digital marketers keep their customers involved with using an app, even after they download and install it on their mobile devices. The enhanced measurement tools allow digital marketers to measure conversions across the entire lifecycle of the app, from installation by the consumer to re-engagement when they use it again and for measuring their in-app purchases.

In March, Google announced a series of online webinars to teach new skills to digital marketers who use Google's DoubleClick ad platform. The webinars aimed to help teach digital marketers how to use DoubleClick more effectively to enable their businesses to generate more clicks and more revenue.

In June 2013, Google bolstered its DoubleClick digital advertising and marketing platform with some key upgrades, including a new ad campaign manager and social media integration with Wildfire. The new features were aimed at helping online advertisers use digital media more effectively and successfully, according to Google. The first part of the improvements was the replacement of the former DoubleClick for Advertisers interface with a new DoubleClick Campaign Manager, which Google called the biggest upgrade to the platform's core ad server in the 15 years since it was begun. The new social media features have been added to the DoubleClick platform through integration that's being built using Wildfire's social media platform, which Google acquired in 2012.

In September 2013, Google launched a new DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Academy to provide more advice and self-paced training for its DoubleClick advertising service customers to reap even better results from their online ads in Google Search and elsewhere. The online academy provides help for general questions as well as more detailed, specific inquiries. The online DFA Academy is a self-paced learning path designed to guide users through core help articles and online training courses. It is designed around "checklists" that participants can use to mark their progress and new competencies before moving on to the next lessons and skills.