Google DoubleClick Online Dynamic Ad Seminars Begin June 3

Starting June 3, Google DoubleClick users can participate in a Rich Media Dynamic Creative Webinar series all month that aims to help digital marketers improve their online messages to consumers.

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Google's DoubleClick unit is offering a detailed new online training series that highlights its latest Dynamic Creative tools for digital marketers in a group of informational Webinars that start on June 3.

"To help our agency partners stay up-to-date on the latest DoubleClick Dynamic Creative tools, we're launching new training resources to teach you how to more efficiently use dynamic formats," wrote Ilinka Zaharčeva, a DoubleClick rich media product trainer, in a May 28 post on the Google DoubleClick Advertisers Blog. "If you've taken our Fundamentals training for DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Rich Media, these resources will help you build your skills further."

The DoubleClick Dynamic Creative tools help digital advertisers and marketers see and interpret information about who is viewing an ad, and provides help building ads that are relevant to each viewer, wrote Zaharčeva. "Research shows that people are twice as likely to click on real-time (dynamic) creative than they are static creative [content], and today's consumers expect that the ads they see will be tailored and relevant."

The three-Webinar series will begin June 3 with an "Introduction to Dynamic Creative" session, which will provide an overview of dynamic creative, including explaining the differences between basic and advanced formats, how to set up and make changes, and how to use advanced targeting, according to Google.

The second session, "Advanced Dynamic Creative Workflow," will be held June 10 and will focus on advanced dynamic creative workflows. Topics to be covered include the prelaunch, launch, and post-launch processes for advanced formats, along with advanced dynamic strategy kits. Also slated for the class are troubleshooting tips and tricks to help users work with more advanced dynamic creative, according to Google.

The third session, "Dynamic Creative Best Practices," will be held June 17 and is aimed at helping users build their knowledge and learn best practices for designing, developing and revising dynamic creative. Advanced features such as creative dimension filtering, auto-sizing and more will also be covered.

Participants in the Webinars should have already completed DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals coursework as a prerequisite for the new Webinars, wrote Zaharčeva.

To sign up for the Webinars, participants can register through the training page in the Rich Media Help Center.

The DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals course provides users with information about the basics of the process, from building Flash and HTML5 creatives to using the API, building dynamic creatives and create/edit rules and resolving common problems, wrote Zaharčeva.

Google regularly offers special events and training sessions for digital marketers as part of its ongoing services to its clients. Earlier in May, Google announced that it will hold its annual online DoubleClick event on June 4 for advertising executives and digital marketers, including guest speaker Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation. The free event, which will be live-streamed online, will run from 12:30 p.m. EDT to 1:45 p.m. EDT and will also include presentations from Nikesh Arora, the chief business officer at Google, and Neal Mohan, the vice president of display advertising at Google.

This year's event will look at how the medium will continue to evolve in the future, according to event organizers. To participate, virtual attendees can register to watch the live-stream broadcast or receive a link to watch the recorded event at a later time, according to Google.

Google's DoubleClick unit, which serves up graphical ads to users as they conduct searches, makes the bulk of its revenue on search ads. The annual event was formerly known as DoubleClick Insights.

Google acquired DoubleClick after making a $3.1 billion bid for the company back in 2007. Acquiring DoubleClick provided digital ad and search leader Google with plenty of new firepower, including the ability to serve graphical display ads in addition to the company's text-based links. DoubleClick's technology lets advertisers and publishers deliver ads once they have agreed to terms, and provides statistics relating to those ads.

In March 2014, Google announced a series of online Webinars to teach new skills to digital marketers who use Google's DoubleClick ad platform. The Webinars, which continue through June, aim to help teach digital marketers how to use DoubleClick more effectively to enable their businesses to generate more clicks and more revenue. The Webinars range from the fundamentals of DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) for rookies to presentations on platform changes from previous versions and advanced sessions on reporting, using in-stream video and more, according to an eWEEK report.