Google Drive Launch Delivers 10 Good Reasons to Try It Out

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google Drive will be the latest cloud storage service to hit the market in a few weeks, joining a large crowd of competitors. But it will provide a lot of good reasons for consumers and businesses to try it out.

Google Drive is all the rage in today's hotly contested cloud-storage space. The offering, which was first announced on April 24, is widely believed to be the next big answer to services like Dropbox and Box and could very well become a popular option for those who already work with Google Apps or are looking to move their data away from their current storage service.

Even before its official launch, a lively Internet debate questions whether or not users should try out Google Drive. There are some who say that Google's data-ownership policies and track record of wanting to control data should make anyone think twice about using the service. Others say it might simply be better to help out a smaller company that developed a successful cloud storage service long before tech giants such as Google and Apple got into the business.

But at this point, there doesn't appear to be any compelling reason for folks to turn their back on Google Drive. Yes, there are some concerns and those might be warranted among some users, but for the average, mainstream customer, Google Drive seems like a fine option.

Read on to find out why the typical Web user should sign up for Google Drive when it goes live:

1. Privacy concerns are mostly paranoia

It's no secret that Google has come under fire over the last few years from privacy advocates who say the company wants to control users' personal data. But much of that is paranoia. Yes, Google has said that it wants to search and manage ever more data. But the huge concerns surrounding Google Drive and the privacy of content stored in the search company's cloud seem to be overblown.

2. Free storage is quite large

One of the nicest things about Google Drive is that it provides ample storage out of the box. According to Google,the service will support 5GB of free data, allowing customers to store their music library, video and a lot more content without having to pay the search firm anything.

3. Integration matters

When discussing cloud-based storage services, integration is a vastly important consideration. There's nothing worse than getting content into the cloud only to realize that transferring it from one service to another is nearly impossible. Google Drive includes integration not only with the search company's own applications, but with those from third parties as well. That's a key consideration before choosing a cloud-storage solution.

4. Near-universal functionality

According to Google, Drive will work on a host of platforms, including the PC, Mac and Android out of the box. Although iOS support will be coming at a later date, it's nice to know that the service is platform-agnostic. The more places data can be accessed and shared, the better.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...