Google Maps API Brings the World to You

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Google Maps API Brings the World to You

by Nathan Eddy

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TweetMap Follows the Twitterverse

The map currently displays geo-tagged tweets from Dec. 10, 2012, to Dec. 30, 2012, and allows you to query the tweets by time, location and keyword.

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Be a Pinball Wizard

This map of pinball games in Chicago currently is tracking 176 locations and 309 machines. The site features a wide selection of cities from coast to coast.

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Planefinder Keeps Its Eyes in the Sky

Plane Finder works by picking up ADS-B plane feeds used by commercial and private planes to transmit their name, position, call sign, status and lots more.

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All Aboard Shipfinder

If you've ever dreamed of piloting a cargo ship on the open seas but just never got around to getting your license, you can at least "ship-watch" from the comfort of your computer chair with this map, which spans the globe.

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The World's Architecture Comes to You

Explore authoritative information on more than 1,100 buildings by location, architect, period and style, building type, materials and more on SAH Archipedia from the Society of Architecture Historians.

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Get the Real (New) Deal

Explore the locations of 3,587 of the New Deal projects that still exist with the Living New Deal Projects Map, which allows you to browse projects by city, state and type of project.

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Locating the World's Hungry

The World Food Programme, the food-aid arm of the United Nations system, promotes world food security in accordance with recommendations from the United Nations. This Hunger Map lets people know how dire the situation is.

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Find Your Flight, Fast, while still in beta mode, lets you find where you can fly to from different airports around the world, and will even locate nearby hotels and car rental facilities.

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The Perfect Craft Brew Awaits You

BreweryMap is your guide to finding the source of your favorite beers, the breweries. With access to more than 10,000 beers and 3,000 breweries, you're sure to find something new.

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Rome Around Some Roman Ruins puts Roman history on the map, allowing you to check out the sites of Roman ruins all across Europe—and beyond.

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