Google Maps Apps for Asteroids, Stadium Tours, 2014 Olympics

What would happen if an asteroid like the one that just passed Earth actually hit our planet? There's a Google Map-inspired map that lets you find out.

Innovative Google Maps apps are always being developed by creative designers for a wide range of uses, including real-time events that are in the news, such as the 2012 DA14 asteroid that just passed within 17,200 miles of the Earth Feb. 15.

But what if 2012 DA14 had hit the Earth? What kind of damage would have occurred?

Now people can get a virtual image of the possible destruction by visiting the "What if an asteroid or comet hits my town?" impact calculator tool that was built using the Google Maps API by the folks at Users can select from a list of famous cities or they can choose to customize their search with the name of any city or town on Earth, then click the "Go!" button to watch an imposing simulation of the damage that would ensue from a meteor or comet that might strike.

A famous location where a meteor struck the Earth is in Arizona, where Meteor Crater is a 570-foot-deep, 4,000-foot-wide testament to the destructive power of a meteor that struck millions of years ago. Meteor Crater can be seen and explored on Google Maps Street View.

But that's not all you can explore this weekend with cool Google Maps apps. There's plenty more where that came from.

Google Maps First—Peer Inside an NFL Stadium With Google Maps

Now that the Super Bowl and the 2012-13 NFL season is over, football fans will have a long winter, spring and summer to ponder what could have been with their teams. But if they still want a little football, Google Maps has a possible solution with its first-ever 360-degree VIP tour of the insides of Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Indianapolis Colts host their games. It's the first of what could potentially be tours of other NFL stadiums to come.

"This is the first imagery of inside an NFL stadium in Google Maps, and another example of how we're working hard (and having fun!) building the most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world—complete with imagery from inside your favorite sporting venues," Evan Rapoport, product manager for Google Maps, wrote in a Feb. 15 post on the Google Maps Blog. "With this new interactive, 360 degree imagery, you can march out of the tunnel and down the field towards the end zone, just like Andrew Luck did all season.

"Or check out the Colts' locker room where Head Coach Chuck Pagano gave his memorable post-game locker room speech on Nov. 4, after an inspirational win against the Miami Dolphins. You can also explore the stadium’s three concourses and suites, including the Quarterback Suite, a Field Level Suite and Loge-Level Suite," Rapoport wrote.