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Get a Detailed, Printed Map for Your Upcoming Trip From KLM for Free

KLM Airlines wants to help you prepare for your upcoming trip with a free service that will let you make a map of your destination, add the details about places you want to visit and have it printed and mailed to you for free so you can streamline and plan your travels. The Pack & Go map from KLM was built using the Google Maps API.

The map service also allows users to share their maps with friends using Facebook, Twitter or email so that they can get suggestions for additional spots to visit. The offer for the free maps is available through March 8, or until the supply of free maps is exhausted, according to the Website.

Take a Neighborhood Quiz

"Click that 'Hood" is the name of a simple 16-city online quiz game where participants can choose a city and click on a map to locate and identify neighborhoods in the area. Participants are timed as they hover over the map and identify the neighborhoods in a quiz format. It's not very detailed or challenging, but it is fun to play along to test a person’s neighborhood-naming skills. So far, only 16 U.S. cities are included, such as Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Louisville, Milwaukee, San Antonio, San Francisco and Seattle.

Preview the Sites of the 2014 Sochi, Russia, Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, won't get under way for another year, but that doesn't mean that viewers have to wait to see the venues where the events will be held., which is not affiliated with Google, recently posted a fun blog entry about the buildings that will be used for the events in Sochi, where preparations are under way.

Aerial Google Maps Street View images are highlighted for the 11 competition venues in Sochi, starting with the brand-new Sochi Olympic Park, according to the post. Ski areas and bobsled areas are also illustrated in the images.

Making Public Zoning Data More Interesting

Remember the popular SimCity computer games? The SimCity theme now has been used to build a Google Maps app showing the zoning districts in Chicago that's easier to understand and use than typical zoning maps, according to a recent post on GoogleMapsMania.

The 2nd City Zoning map "uses the red, yellow and blue colors that will be familiar to any fans of the long-running computer game, to show the zoning patterns throughout the city," according to GoogleMapsMania. "Green zones are residential, blue are commercial and yellow signifies industrial. It is even possible to select from a number of songs from the Sim City game to listen to as you browse the map."

Maybe the map app will inspire more residents to turn out for those exciting Chicago zoning board meetings.