Google Maps Virtual Tours Let You View Valentine's Day Restaurants

Using the 360-degree virtual tours, you can check out the inside of a prospective Valentine's Day dinner destination.

Google wants to help make Valentine's Day a success for its millions of users, so it is offering up a list of suggestions for how people can use Google services to make this Valentine's Day more memorable.

Topping the list, according to a Feb. 12 post on the Google Lat Long Blog, is a suggestion to use its 360-degree Google Maps Virtual Tours to see the interiors of prospective restaurants to ensure that the dining spots have just the right ambiance for your romantic evening.

Using the virtual tours, visitors can explore restaurants such as Delfina Restaurant in San Francisco, River Cafe in London and many more, all from the convenience of their Web browsers.

Of course, if you live on the East Coast of the United States this Valentine's Day, it's possible that seeing a virtual tour of a dinner destination is the closest you'll get to that restaurant due to the snow, ice and other bad weather that's pummeling the coast today.

But let's not get too down. After all, it's almost Valentine's Day.

If you will be heading out for dinner on the big night, then hopefully you've already made reservations, according to the Google post. "Are you in a last-minute scramble to plan a lovely evening for your Valentine? Hop to it! Reservations are going quick because according to Zagat's 2014 Valentine's survey, 42 percent of respondents will be hitting the town to celebrate the day of love. Whether you're searching for a restaurant to take your date to, scouting for the perfect gift in a store nearby or looking up directions to a movie with friends, Google Maps has the ingredients to cook up a successful night."

If you are still trying to figure out where to go for your Valentine's dinner, then think Italian, according to Google "Whether it's pizza or pasta, Italian cuisine is the top pick for 2014 Valentine's Day meals, topping the [Zagat] survey chart at 28 percent."

And for gift-giving ideas for the day of romance, you can use Google Maps to find the nearest florist, candy shop or other store for gifts of clothing, perfume or more, according to the Google post.

"Whether you're a guy or a gal, survey respondents agree that giving a gift is a must. No idea where to start? You can never go wrong with candy and flowers, whether it's a lollipop bouquet or a dozen roses. Just fire up Google Maps on your phone and find the nearest one to your date destination, by tapping the search box to 'explore nearby.'"

And when it comes to getting your date to your dinner destination up for the big night, don't forget to use Google Maps so you get there on time and without stress. "Navigating to your destination has never been easier on the new Google Maps. Quickly get directions from your saved home location to the restaurant, including a stop at your date's place displayed right on the map—whether you're taking public transit, a car or riding a tandem bike."

One last tip, according to the latest Valentine's Day Zagat survey: "If you're thinking of popping the question, consider waiting until after dessert. Apparently, 73 percent of Zagat survey respondents feel marriage proposals at restaurants are 'cheesy.'"