Google's Chromecast Now Available in Canada, Europe - Page 2

In December 2013, Google announced the addition of 10 more entertainment services that are supported by Chromecast, including action sports, news, music videos and more through VEVO, Red Bull.TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3 and BeyondPod. VEVO lets viewers watch music videos and VEVO original content, while Red Bull.TV delivers content from sports to music to lifestyle entertainment, according to Google. Songza delivers music content to users, while Plex organizes a user's media content so they can watch or listen to it anywhere.

PostTV is a service of The Washington Post newspaper, delivering video about news, entertainment and more, while Viki provides foreign language content that ranges from Korean dramas to Japanese anime and movies, as well as telenovelas and more, according to Google. The RealPlayer Cloud gives users the capability of watching their personal video collections via their televisions, sans wires.

In October 2013, Chromecast added support for Hulu Pro service to its expanding array of included services for users. That move meant that Hulu Plus subscribers can now use the Chromecast dongle to tune in to their favorite TV shows on their mobile or other devices. Chromecast users have to subscribe to Hulu Plus at $7.99 per month to receive the content, as they have to do with other subscription-based services that are supported by Chromecast.