Google's Instant Previews Should Worry Microsoft: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Google has launched a new search service, called Instant Previews, that is bound to keep Microsoft's search developers working late at night trying to catch up.

Google has introduced a new feature for its search platform, called Instant Previews. The idea behind Instant Previews is to allow users to see what a specific page will offer before they go to it. For Google, providing such a service will help it improve the experience users have while trying to find specific content. This new service should go a long way to keeping Google Search ahead of the competition.

Of course, the main competition that Google is worried about is Microsoft. The company's Bing platform, with the help of Yahoo, has about 28 percent market share in the United States. Google has over 65 percent market share. The last thing the search giant wants to do is give Microsoft the opening it needs to steal significant market share away. Instant Previews gives Google an excellent chance to keep that from happening.

That's a real problem for Microsoft. The company would have a better chance to compete effectively if Google didn't continue to offer innovations, but it is. And so far, Microsoft has done little to respond.

Simply put, Google's search improvements should scare Microsoft. And here's why:

1. Instant Search is proving to be a winner

Although some wondered how useful Instant Search would be when it launched a few months ago, it's clear now that it works quite well. The service allows users to see results to queries as they type letters in the search box. The result is a faster search experience, which only improves the effectiveness of Google's services. Bing is still stuck providing users with suggestions, which isn't likely to do as much to help grow Microsoft's search market share.

2. Google's mobile search is getting better

Google has brought Instant Search to its mobile search offering. And because of that, its service is extremely viable on smartphones. Bing has a fine mobile-search offering of its own. But many people who have used Google and Bing on mobile devices quickly discover that Microsoft's offering doesn't stand up all that well. It's fine for simple searches, but with more complex searching, Google's mobile option is noticeably better. Until Microsoft can address that problem, the company is going to have trouble catching up.

3. Google is on Windows Phone 7

Google made the smart move of bringing its search platform to Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. That doesn't necessarily mean that Google Search will reign supreme on Windows Phone 7, but it does mean that consumers will have another option to search for content. And if they find that Google's alternative is better, Microsoft just might have some trouble ruling its own operating system.

4. Instant Previews makes sense

Google's decision to offer Instant Previews in its search results makes a lot of sense. The chances are most users will find a lot to like with the feature as they start using it. That's because Instant Previews just automatically becomes part of their Google Search experience. There was nothing for users to install or switch to. Users just find that they are working with Instant Proview as they enter their search keywords. Before Instant Previews, finding just the right Web page was hit or miss with many queries. Clicking on a page that might or might not be useful can be a pain. But with the help of Instant Previews, viewing a page title quickly without going to the destination link should improve that experience. At least for now, Microsoft has nothing to respond to this new Google feature.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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