Google's YouTube Celebrates Its First-Ever 'Geek Week' Event

YouTube is giving geeks a week to celebrate their geekiness with special content slated for Aug. 4 through 10.


Google's YouTube unit will celebrate the special geekiness of geeks with its first-ever "Geek Week" event that will provide a wide range of special geek-aimed content from Aug. 4 to 10.

"There's never been a better time to be a geek," according to a July 24 post by the YouTube team on the YouTube Official Blog. "From 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Big Bang Theory,' to 'Harry Potter' and 'The Avengers,' geek culture is everywhere, attracting and connecting ever-expanding audiences. Today's obsession with all-things-geek has sparked a global community on YouTube, enabling fans around the world to express their love of superheroes, comics, gaming, science and sci-fi."

With that in mind, the YouTube team is gathering its video resources to highlight and recognize the lives of geeks for one special Geek Week, according to the post. "With more than half of our top 20 non-music channels dedicated to geek culture, YouTube has become a top destination for fans everywhere to create, share and watch geek content."

The event is being produced in conjunction with geek powerhouse Nerdist in the U.S. and Channel Flip in the U.K., according to the post, and will "showcase more than 100 channels that fans love, unveiling new videos, series premieres and creative collaborations, as well as highlighting some of the best geek videos and shows already on YouTube."

Each day of Geek Week will have a special theme and will be hosted by a different YouTube channel that will introduce the highlights of the day in a special daily video, according to the post.

Aug. 4 will be Blockbuster Sunday, which is being slated as "a celebration of the iconic characters, movies and shows that define geek culture—plus a spotlight on the best original YouTube sci-fi, fantasy and animation." The day's events will be hosted by FreddieW in the U.S., with new content from Tomska in the U.K., according to the post.

Aug. 5 will be Global Geekery Monday, featuring Anime from Tokyo, comic book heroes from Delhi, and a celebration of the classically geeky television series, "Doctor Who," according to the schedule. The day's events will be hosted by YOMYOMF in the U.S., and including a special new episode of the British cult children's TV show "Knightmare."

Aug. 6 will be Brainiac Tuesday, featuring content from science, education and knowledge channels on YouTube, according to the schedule. The day's events will be hosted by Veritasium and The Spangler Effect in the U.S., with an epic stunt from Head Squeeze and Flow from the U.K.

Aug. 7 will be Super Wednesday, featuring content that will include parodies to real-life superpowers, and the exploration of superheroes, the supernatural and the super-weird, according to the post. A special offering just for Geek Week is a trailer for Marvel's upcoming film, "Thor: The Dark World." The events are hosted by Stan Lee’s World of Heroes in the U.S.