Google Street View Takes On the Wild Colorado River

1 - Google Street View Takes On the Wild Colorado River
2 - 36-Mile Rapid
3 - Vulcan's Anvil
4 - Travertine Falls
5 - Rivers Join
6 - Redwall Cavern
7 - Canyon Splendor
8 - Nankoweap Granaries
9 - North Canyon
10 - Royal Arches
11 - Granite Rapid
12 - Rainy Colorado River
13 - Here Comes the Sun
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Google Street View Takes On the Wild Colorado River

by Todd R. Weiss

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36-Mile Rapid

Start here and feel the power and the majesty of the Colorado River by sitting in a motorized raft with the Trekkers in this incredible action shot. You can almost feel the splash of cold water on your face.

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Vulcan's Anvil

Vulcan's Anvil is a volcanic plug that was left following lava flows more than 200,000 years ago, according to Street View. The volcanic remnant is located just upstream of Lava Falls.

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Travertine Falls

This well-known canyon feature isn't a waterfall, but is instead created by travertine, or limestone deposits left behind by mineral springs that dried up. Falls are created of rock instead of water, through the magic of nature.

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Rivers Join

At this point, the Little Colorado River joins with the Colorado River, providing a lovely view. The blue water on the left arrived via the Glen Canyon Dam upstream and is mixing with the brown, silty storm runoff carried by the Little Colorado River.

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Redwall Cavern

Created by the Colorado River over thousands of years, Redwall Cavern is located at Mile 33.1 of the Grand Canyon and provides picturesque views for visitors of the canyon walls and geology.

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Canyon Splendor

Everywhere you look along the Colorado River, there is spectacular geology to take in, with more than 40 sedimentary rock layers that can be identified, including Redwall Limestone, Tapeats Sandstone and more.

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Nankoweap Granaries

Built by the ancient Anasazi people between 1200 BC and AD 1200, the Granaries at Nankoweap are stone structures on the canyon wall where the Anasazi stored food and grains to protect them from animals and watch for intruders. The granaries are along the Nankoweap Trail about 11miles from the canyon's North Rim at the Nankoweap Delta along the Colorado River.

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North Canyon

Here in the North Canyon, Supai sandstone is one of the dramatic rock features that can be seen in this lovely side canyon.

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Royal Arches

Created from water and wind weathering of limestone, the Royal Arches is a lovely feature that is sought out by many visitors.

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Granite Rapid

Located 93.4 miles from the start of the river trail at Lee's Ferry, Granite Rapid drops 18 feet in height as it makes its way across the feverish terrain, giving rafters lots of thrills as they make their way through this section of the mighty Colorado.

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Rainy Colorado River

This spectacular image captured by the Trekker cameras shows the Colorado River during a rain storm, with the rain and mist adding drama and beauty to what is already a gorgeous scene.

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Here Comes the Sun

In this gorgeous image, the sun peeks out from behind a Redwall Limestone cliff, showing off the majesty of the canyons along the Colorado River.

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