Google TV Dazzles on Sony Internet TVs, Blu-ray Player

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Google TV Dazzles on Sony Internet TVs, Blu-ray Player

by Clint Boulton

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Whats Lurking Behind the Curtain?

OK, so it's not a curtain, but media was anxious to peek at what was under the sheet at the Sony Internet TV event.

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TV Set, Blu-ray Player and Remote

It turned out to be the 46-inch Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV, as well as the new Blu-ray player and remote control with QWERTY keyboard. Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony's Home Division (on left), and Bob Ishida, senior vice president and president of Home Entertainment Business Group, Sony, (on right), unveiled the new hardware.

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A Closer Look

Once Abary and Ishida backed off, the TV was switched on and attendees were accorded a closer look at the machines, which are sleek and snazzy.

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Demo Time

Matt Seymour, senior product manager for Sony, gets ready to demonstrate Sony Internet TV with Google TV.

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Man vs. Food

Seymour likes the show "Man vs. Food" and has recorded a bunch of episodes. He picks one to watch, but then gets another idea after seeing the program's profile on Katz's Deli in New York.

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Searching for Katzs Deli

Seymour wants to learn more, so he switches to Dual View. Here, he has selected Katz's to search in the Chrome browser, while watching "Man vs. Food" in the lower right-hand corner.

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Katzs Deli on Wikipedia

Check out Katz's on Wikipedia, with the show playing in the lower right.

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On a Google Map

Next Seymour finds Katz's on a Google Map.

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Tweeting in the Background

Then he tweets that he's going to Katz's—all done with the "Man vs. Food" program running below.

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Four New Sony Internet TVs

Sony displays the four new Internet TVs powered by Google.

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Check out the Blu-ray Player, with remote. The device easily connects to users' existing TV sets via an HDMI cable.

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A closer look at the QWERTY remote.

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The Apps

Out of the box, the Sony Internet TVs and Blu-ray player offer these apps. Qriocity is Sony's VOD app.

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