Google TV Event Shows Off Android-Loaded Logitech Revue Components

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Google TV Event Shows Off Android-Loaded Logitech Revue Components

by Clint Boulton

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A Gathering for Google TV

The crowd awaits the start of the event.

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An Introduction from Logitech

Junien Labrousse, executive vice president of products for Logitech, introduces the crowd to Google TV with the slogan: "If you can think it, you can watch it." We don't know what that means, but it sounds fun.

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Setting Up Google TV

This is the Google TV setup Logitech used to show off the service. Note Chrome as a Web app option on the monitor. Chrome is the Web browser for Google TV.

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Revue Companion Box and Keyboard Controller

Revue comprises this companion box and keyboard controller, which the company is selling for $299 now.

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Keyboard Controller

The Keyboard Controller is much like a computer keyboard, with a directional pad and touch pad on the right. Buttons on the top of the keyboard control users' TVs, receivers and DVR boxes.

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Companion Box

The companion box is designed to easily connect to users' TVs. Moreover, it's infused with Harmony Link, Logitech's universal remote control technology to let users switch seamlessly between TV and Web content.

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Mini Controller Phones

The Revue box-keyboard combo isn't the only way to access Google TV. Users may also buy a mini controller or use their iPhone or Android smartphones.

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TV Cam for Video Calls

Logitech is also offering this TV Cam for an additional $149.99 to let users make 720p video calls from their TV sets to other users of the Logitech Vid HD software.

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Time for a Demonstration

Logitech TV product manager Kevin Simon takes the stage to show off Google TV on Logitech products.

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Recording Top Gear Episodes

Simon likes Top Gear—a lot. He shows off his list of saved Top Gear episodes. For users connecting to Google TV through the Dish Network, DVR recording will be available.

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Top Gear on YouTube

Simon checks out Top Gear on YouTube.

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Top Gear Dual-view

Simon taps a few buttons and calls up the Top Gear Website while watching Top Gear. Note the Top Gear program in the lower right-hand corner of the screen in the Google TV dual view.

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Keyboard in Action

Simon did all of this with this Keyboard Controller.

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Mini Controller in Action

Simon also displayed the mini controller, which does everything the Keyboard Controller does, but is about the size of a large cell phone or PDA.

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Controlling Google TV from a Phone

Simon accesses his Logitech Revue controls from his phone, flinging a video from the phone to the TV. Users may also do voice searches and call up TV and application content by speaking into their phone.

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Making Video Calls

Logitech's TV Cam and Vid HD software can be used to conduct video calls between Google TV users.

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Connecting a Call

Here is what the connection looks like between the TV Cam and Logitech Vid HD software. Note the upper right-hand corner, which shows the media in the room where the call originated from via Google TV.

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Most Visited Apps

Check out Simon's most visited apps on Google TV.

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Looking Over the Components

Logitech summarizes Revue and its peripherals and apps for Google TV.

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Logitech Pricing

The price for the Logitech Google TV package of $299 for the box and controller may seem steep to some looking at Apple TV and its $99 price tag. But from what eWEEK has seen, the extra dough may be well worth it. Stay tuned for testing!

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