Google TV Tour Highlights Sony TVs, Logitech Revue Box, Apps

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Google TV Tour Highlights Sony TVs, Logitech Revue Box, Apps

by Clint Boulton

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Why Google TV

Google explains why consumers would want to marry channel and Web surfing.

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How to Access Google TV

Users must buy a Logitech Revue set-top box and connect it to their TV with an HDMI cable or buy a new Sony Internet TV, which will be unveiled with pricing next week.

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Google TV lets users search TV and apps seamlessly (without changing inputs) with a remote control. Just as users go to Google to search for content, users will type in what they want to watch.

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Navigate the Web

Google TV lets users tired of channel surfing switch to surfing the Web from the big screen. The service supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1, so most Websites will render on Google TV.

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Web Apps Bonanza

Google TV will come preloaded with apps from Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time and Amazon Video On Demand.

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Developers will be able to write Google TV apps and offer them through the Android Market next year.

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Change Channels with Your Phone

Don't want to use your Logitech remote control to change the channel? Use your Android phone or Apple iPhone by speaking into it to manage your programming and Web apps. Users may also "fling" what they're watching on their phone to their TV.

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Google TV Customized

Users can customize the apps on their Google TV home screen, just as they would move their apps on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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Users can easily switch between the Chrome Web browser and TV channels, and even watch/control them at the same time. Google notes: "Check your fantasy football stats while watching the game, check your @replies on Twitter during American Idol, or purchase a product online right after you watch the ad."

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Recording from the Search Bar

Dish Network customers can also access recording and DVR functionality from the search bar.

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Rock Out

Listen to music from your Web playlist on Google TV, using Pandora or Napster. It will be interesting to see how this dovetails with Google's music efforts later this year or next.

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