Googles Secrets to Success: 10 Products That Keep It on Top

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Googles Secrets to Success: 10 Products That Keep It on Top

by Don Reisinger

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Search is obviously the main reason why Google has become such a success in the technology space. The companys search product is the worlds most popular service by a wide margin. And the chances of competitors, including Microsofts Bing, catching up anytime soon are practically zero. Search is how Google started, and its how the company continues to stay dominant.

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Googles advertising efforts are second to none on the Internet. The companys AdSense platform has proven to be central to the success of several blogs and Websites across the Internet. Countless companies have used AdWords to help promote their brands. The result has been huge financial gains for Google and the desire on Microsofts part to try to catch up as soon as possible.

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Although Google was widely panned for acquiring YouTube, the companys video platform has proven to be a major contributor to its success. YouTube is still the top video destination on the Internet, and its quickly becoming a place where folks go to rent movies. The cost of maintaining YouTube is high, but its a company that any firm would want in its portfolio.

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Google Maps

Google Maps is often ignored by those who point to Googles successes, but its arguably one of the main reasons why the search giant is such a success today. Google Maps has quickly eclipsed MapQuest and other services that provide mapping solutions. And the best part is it keeps Web users on Google sites to look things up via search and elsewhere. Google Maps is extremely important to the search company.

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Google Earth

Google Earth isnt necessarily the revenue generator that some of Googles other products are, but it speaks to how adept the company is at maintaining brand loyalty. After all, once people start using Google Earth, they will quickly become entranced by its capabilities. And when its all said and done, they leave with an even more appealing view of Google. That alone helps the search giant drive more traffic to its services and generate more revenue.

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Android is quickly becoming the gateway for Google to fully dominate the technology industry. The software is running on a slew of smartphones around the world, and with each passing quarter, its easily besting the competition in overall adoption. Over time, most believe Android will be close to the top of the mobile OS space, if it doesnt capture the top spot. Thats quite a feat for a company that started in search.

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Gmail is one of those e-mail platforms that people either love or love to hate. But luckily for Google, far more people love it and for good reason. Gmail is a well-designed, functional e-mail program that has one of the best spam filters in the e-mail space. Plus, it allows users to chat via IM or make phone calls. Its central to Googles success.

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Google Docs

Google Docs might not have the market traction that Microsofts Office platform enjoys, but that doesnt matter. Google Docs indicates the search giants commitment to the cloud. Its quickly proving to be a fine alternative to anything that the competition offers. Plus, like so many other Google products, it keeps people on the search giants sites and away from the competition.

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The Google Chrome browser is gaining market share at an astounding rate. The reason why is quite simple: Its fast and functional. Thats extremely important in the browser market. And it proves that Google examined issues with Microsofts Internet Explorer browser, and improved upon that. It probably wouldnt surprise anyone if Chrome eventually becomes the worlds top browser.

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Every Other Search Engine

OK, so maybe other search engines arent Google products, but they have effectively helped the company become such a force in the tech space. Whether it was Yahoo, Altavista or now Bing, each competing search engine pales in comparison to Googles alternative. Unless the other companies can find a way deliver a search engine decisively better than Googles, it will be hard to supplant the company as one of the dominant companies in the tech space.

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