GreenQloud, Xeround Partner to Boost Cloud Storage Sustainability

GreenQloud and Xeround team up to help environmentally-conscious businesses access cloud-based storage technologies powered completely by renewable energy.

Cloud computing and data storage specialist GreenQloud and database software developer Xeround announced a partnership to run their zero-management cloud database solution for MySQL applications on GreenQloud’s 100 percent renewable energy-powered infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). GreenQloud offers scalable high performance servers and on-demand storage with Amazon Web Services (AWS)-compatible applications program interfaces (APIs) and a user-friendly management console.

The company, based in Iceland, claims it is the only cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider powered completely by renewable energy and GreenQloud also provides its customers with a feature allowing them to monitor energy metrics and carbon emissions savings. GreenQloud is targeting customers who have requirements for for web storage, backups, key-value databases and scaling web apps and want to make an investment in green IT.

“Xeround simplifies management of MySQL-based applications in the cloud,” GreenQloud co-founder and chief global strategist Eirikur Hrafnsson said in a statement. “GreenQloud’s goal to clean up the Data industry by offering clean, sustainable, easy-to-use IaaS is greatly enhanced by partnering with outstanding cloud SaaS, PaaS and DBaaS services, such as Xeround."

Xeround is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for MySQL applications that offers automatic scaling and high availability. The company’s customers will now be able to select GreenQloud’s renewable energy-powered IaaS to run the Xeround Cloud Database instance. Initially, Xeround will offer its Xeround Free edition on GreenQloud, with additional plans scheduled to launch in the coming months.

The free edition of Xeround includes two built-in replicas for high availability, a round-robin DNS, and Xeround API access. The platform functions as drop-in replacement for the existing MySQL database, so businesses do not need to change their code, and can work with the cloud database just as they would with any MySQL database. However, the is free edition is limited to 10MB and up to five connections.

“Capitalizing on GreenQloud’s renewable energy-powered cloud services allows Xeround customers who choose to run on GreenQloud to operate their MYSQL applications in a more sustainable manner,” Xeround CEO Razi Sharir said in a statement. “Likewise, GreenQloud customers can now take full advantage of the most robust database solution for MySQL applications in the cloud.”

On Oct. 1, GreenQloud announced the launch of two IaaS cloud solutions, Compute Qloud and Storage Qloud. The Compute Qloud service can be utilized for server and application deployment while Storage Qloud is optimized for file management and back up storage, featuring drag and drop multi-file uploads. In addition, the GreenQloud management console enables customers to efficiently monitor usage statistics, server load graphs, bandwidth stats, the number of servers running, total storage used and estimated billing.