Healthcare Data Solutions Launches EHR Pro, ePrescribingPro

As health care providers turn to EHRs and other digital forms of collecting and distributing data, Healthcare Data Solutions rolls out two platforms to help.

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Health care database and industry business intelligence services provider Healthcare Data Solutions launched two products, EHR Pro, which indicates electronic health record (EHR) utilization status of health care providers, and ePrescribingPro, which is designed to help improve pharmacy refill accuracy.

Pharmacies can use the ePrescribingPro platform to ensure refill transactions are accurately delivered to the correct providers' EHR. The data in ePrescribingPRO helps pharmacies perform electronic refill requests by validating eRx ID numbers as well as provider name and address information so pharmacies can accurately transmit prescriptions to intermediaries.

"Both products are the latest additions to our database solutions," Miranda Rochol, vice president of product and strategy for Healthcare Data Solutions, said in a statement. "While providers are turning quickly to EHR records and practice-management solutions to manage their practices, it's imperative that we create and offer solutions to our clients as health care technology evolves."

The company's EHR Pro platform flags a client's master file with an indicator of whether a provider employs an EHR solution, and can be used to append their existing file with this indicator.

The company said this allows clients to save time and money with accurate EHR data for sales and marketing initiatives. Some of the important fields available to go along with the indicator in EHR PRO include practice name, phone number, business address, email address, specialty information and more.

Overall, the company provides health care data, physician validation programs, data processing, compliance services, Web services and new customer acquisition programs for leading health care firms. In addition, compliance clients can access more than 5 million health care provider profiles to cross-reference government databases for accurate reporting.

Healthcare Data Solutions also offers a real-time data integration solution that allows users to download health care data into a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, conduct expense reporting, accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP), look up providers in real time for verification and more, use databases as a lead-generation tool and validate health care providers through the Web.

In June, the company became an inaugural partner on The D&B Data Exchange, a source of commercial information and insight on businesses. The organization enables businesses to integrate data from multiple disparate sources for use within their various applications. As a partner exchange, Healthcare Data Solutions will offer data on health care providers and organizations.

As part of the partnership, companies with a health care industry focus will be able to leverage Healthcare Data Solutions' data, combined with D&B data, which could lead to an increase in revenue through more efficient and effective sales execution, as well as mitigation of risk associated with federal and state compliance reporting.