How HyperGrid Enables 'Smart Cloud' Deployments for Enterprises

PRODUCT UPDATE NEWS: The hybrid cloud management platform update simplifies cloud adoption with support for AWS Lambda and Azure CSP Program, improved automation and compliance analysis remediation.


Hybrid cloud management specialist HyperGrid, which enables enterprises and managed service providers to build new-gen cloud systems, on Nov. 14 launched version 6.0 of its HyperCloud platform.

HyperCloud is what its mothership describes as “the next generation of the industry’s first intelligent hybrid cloud management platform.” HyperCloud 6.0 adds Amazon Web Services Lambda and Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider Program support into a company’s cloud system mix along with enhanced automation and turnkey compliance analysis and remediation, the company said.

With these updates, HyperCloud 6.0 claims to enable organizations of all sizes to run cloud migration projects, continuously optimize cloud consumption, automate security and compliance, and scale cloud operations to support business needs.

New features within HyperCloud 6.0 include:

  • AWS Lambda with Proactive Cost Management and Compliance: Provides organizations with the ability to simplify monitoring of their Lambda (serverless) resources to continuously optimize allocation of various resources that impact ongoing cost and ensure ongoing compliance with security best practices.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program Support: Azure CSP Program participants can leverage HyperCloud 6.0 to satisfy new requirements announced by Microsoft earlier this year. HyperCloud 6.0 enables Azure CSPs to add several value-added services to their offering, satisfying the program’s requirement to demonstrate they offer at least one managed service, IP service or customer solution application. In addition, HyperCloud 6.0 enables Azure CSPs to easily contract, manage, support and accurately bill customers they have granted administrative credentials to under their Azure subscription, meeting Microsoft’s requirement and simplifying overall program management.
  • Proactive Disaster Recovery (DR) to Cloud Planning with Zerto Integration: Customers that use or plan to use AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform for disaster recovery can auto-discover their existing environment (VMs and apps) and proactively assess the true cost of implementing DR, with just a few clicks. This provides a way to understand DR costs and build a business case for implementing DR. HyperGrid’s integration with Zerto provides joint customers with insights and input from Zerto analytics and HyperCloud Analytics Cloud performance and cost benchmark information.
  • Cost Management with Azure Reserved Instances: HyperCloud 6.0 enables organizations to assess usage, right-size, plan, purchase and manage their Azure Reserved Instances for all compute and database needs. With HyperCloud 6.0, enterprises can manage reserved instances optimally.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) Support and VMware Solutions Exchange Availability: HyperCloud uses predictive analytics and automation to help VMware users consolidate and optimize their existing VMware environments for migration or DR to VMC with a complete understanding of performance, sizing and costs.
  • Turnkey Compliance Analysis and Remediation: The ability to automate assessment and remediation of AWS and Azure clouds for security and compliance issues and stop the guesswork. Compliance assessment for standards such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA is one click away.

San Jose, Calif.-based HyperGrid will demonstrate HyperCloud 6.0 in Booth #211 at AWS Re:Invent, a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services in Las Vegas, from Nov. 26-30. For more information, go here.

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