HYCU Unveils New-Gen Backup, Recovery for Google Cloud Platform

eWEEK NEW-PRODUCT NEWS: HYCU expands from protecting Nutanix workloads to Google Cloud Platform use cases.


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HYCU, which provides data backup, recovery and monitoring for hyperconverged IT infrastructures, has announced some major additions to its new-gen SaaS offering--this time for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

When Comtrade Software upjiggered its public image and rebranded as HYCU in March 2018, the company’s top priority was to protect Nutanix’s Acropolis hypervisor-powered virtual machines and to provide surrounding functionality. It obviously did this very well, because the business immediately took off on a high trajectory along with the popularity of Nutanix itself. Since then, HYCU has extended its horizons and is now focusing on protecting storage in other hyperconverged systems.

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“Our solution set is really born in the cloud, because each one of our services is natively designed for the cloud platform it supports,” HYCU CEO Simon Taylor told eWEEK. “Users of HYCU and Google Cloud don't have to stand up a dedupe appliance or use unnecessary hardware or software infrastructure to support GCP data-protection efforts. That’s why we really think we are the world’s most efficient solution for storage in GCP.”

The latest enhancements to HYCU Backup as a Service for GCP include the following:

  • Optimized cloud-native incremental: With a new and enhanced way of addressing incremental backups and archives for GCP workloads, GCP customers now have one of the most cost-efficient data protection solutions available on the market today.
  • Enhanced efficiency for data transfer and storage: Aside of being a pure cloud service with no additional backup infrastructure costs for GCP customers, and having dynamic and elastic data mover allocation, HYCU does not require caching storage--resulting in optimal data transfer cost for backup workflows and more efficient use of cloud storage for dramatic cost savings.
  • Dynamic scaling optimized for backup, storage and compute: As users need to scale their infrastructure dynamically, they need their data protection software to accordingly scale as easily and efficiently. With enhancements to dynamic and scale-out logic, this results in one of the fastest and the most cost-efficient data transfers for both small and large disks greater than 1TB+. HYCU's advanced logic automatically adjusts the data transfer parameters (streams and computing resources) to the size of the protected disks. This is far more efficient than legacy solutions that are pre-allocated in-cloud backup infrastructure and leave a static configuration of the data transfer workloads.
  • Enterprise applications for mission-critical workloads: Customers can use the same power for applications such as SAP HANA protection for GCP.
  • Flexible pricing plans: Annual subscription plans: customers can now change the Entitlement plan and use annual subscription with token-based pricing plan.
  • Enhanced reporting: With built-in backup reporting added, customers can now schedule reports based on generations versions.

Pricing and Availability

HYCU Backup as a Service for Google Cloud is available on the GCP Marketplace and through authorized Google Cloud Service Provider partners. Subscription and billing are handled through the GCP Marketplace. Pricing is determined by the amount of data being protected and frequency of backup. For more information, go here.

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