IBM Lands Cloud Deals With Marriott, Others

IBM announces a series of cloud computing deals with Marriott, Opera Software, Sohonet and Kallo.

IBM cloud deals

IBM announced a major cloud deal with Marriott along with three other hybrid cloud wins today.

IBM said Marriott will use IBM’s cloud to power its IT operations for its more than 4,000 properties across the globe. Marriott will migrate a significant portion of its core IT systems and applications to IBM’s open cloud platform over the next few years. IBM did not disclose the value of the deal.

Big Blue will also provide managed DevOps services to enable the development of “born on the cloud” capabilities using the cloud solution. And Marriott will be deploying IBM’s Big Insights analytics software.

“Marriott continually transforms its technology to ensure we provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests throughout their entire stay,” said Bruce Hoffmeister, global chief information officer at Marriott International, in a statement. “IBM Cloud provides the analytics to see early-stage data patterns and the scale and flexibility to enable timely, innovative new services that will meet guests’ expectations in a predominantly digital world.”

“Industry leaders stay ahead by moving to the next paradigm ahead of competitors,” said Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Cloud, in a statement. “Through our powerful enterprise cloud platform and ability to integrate it seamlessly with existing on-premises technology, IBM is enabling Marriott’s transformation and global expansion.”

IBM also announced that Opera Software has deployed its Web browser on bare metal servers in IBM’s Singapore cloud center to support delivery of mobile Web browsing and meet substantial mobile growth for end users across Asia.

With more than 350 million unique users, Opera Software provides one of the world’s leading Web browsers and one of the leading browsers on mobile platforms and smart TVs, with more than 270 million unique mobile users around the world. In fact, Opera Mini servers, which run the browser specifically for mobile phones, delivered more than 177 billion Web pages in just one year and have compressed more than 350 petabytes of data since Opera Mini’s launch in 2006.

IBM said Opera Software has deployed Opera Max and Opera Rocket Optimizer solutions for mobile video on bare metal servers from IBM’s SoftLayer unit to install and manage the Opera software in a single-tenant environment. SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure will support video streaming and downloads on mobile devices, and will allow Opera to seamlessly scale access as it grows across Asia.

"Asia is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile Internet, and this is the first time Opera’s compression services have run on a third-party cloud,” said Anthony Nichols, vice president of global IT procurement at Opera Software. With IBM’s cloud infrastructure, Opera is “able to deliver our services in Southeast Asia in a cost-effective way and run our services close to where our users are located, giving them the best quality service.”

Opera Max and Opera’s Rocket Optimizer solutions for mobile video are server-centered applications supporting users’ mobile Internet browsing and video streaming activity. As more users watch more videos on their mobile devices—and as these users expect a clear, uninterrupted delivery of their video content—more computing power and bandwidth are required to meet expectations for consistent delivery.

Moving these types of applications to the IBM Cloud will help Opera meet its users’ demands for uninterrupted video streaming services by minimizing the number of network nodes and increasing bandwidth capacity while also ensuring that the applications are hosted in cloud centers near the end user, thereby lowering network latency.