IBM Launches Cloud Service That Will Detect Bias in AI

Today’s topics include a new IBM service detecting bias in artificial intelligence, and DigiCert, Gemalto and ISARA partnering on quantum-safe encryption.

IBM is now offering a cloud-based service designed to detect bias in AI and bring transparency to how AI-powered systems make decisions.

The Trust and Transparency service runs on the IBM Cloud and works with models built from such popular machine learning frameworks and AI environments as Watson, TensorFlow, SparkML, Sagemaker and Microsoft’s AzureML. Users also can customize the service’s software to better fit the specifics of their organizations.

At the same time, IBM will release its AI Fairness 360 toolkit for the open-source community, which includes nine algorithms, code and three tutorials that will be available to data scientists, academics and researchers. More tools and tutorials will be added in the future.

DigiCert, Gemalto and ISARA announced a partnership on Sept. 20 to build quantum-safe encryption technologies. The joint effort will develop technologies that can enable digital certificates and secure key management for internet of things and other devices in the post-quantum era.

With quantum computing, existing forms of public key cryptography could be at risk when a machine with enough power is built; using a quantum computing system with enough qubits, a researcher could literally try every number combination in all dimensions and crack existing forms of public key cryptography.

According to Tim Hollebeek, industry and standards technical strategist at DigiCert, his company along with Gemalto and ISARA will be delivering a solution that provides the same protections that classical encryption and key management systems provide today, with the additional assurance that the data will not be at risk when quantum computers become a threat to classical algorithms.