IBM Opens New Netherlands Cloud Data Center

IBM continues to deliver on its promise to bolster its global cloud presence with a new SoftLayer data center in the Netherlands.

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IBM announced that its SoftLayer unit has opened a second cloud data center in the Netherlands, located in Almere, just outside Amsterdam.

The Almere data center is securely connected by a private network to all SoftLayer data centers around the world. IBM Cloud operates SoftLayer facilities in North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe, including data centers in the greater London area, Paris, Frankfurt and an existing data center in Amsterdam.

"This new facility demonstrates the demand and success IBM Cloud is having at delivering high-value services right to the doorstep of our clients," James Comfort, IBM's general manager of cloud services, said in a statement. "We're reaching customers in a way that takes all the guess work out of moving to the cloud. They can build and scale applications, run the toughest big data workloads, have the level of security they need, all in country and connected to a truly global platform."

One customer already leveraging these advantages is KPN, a Dutch IT and telecommunications services provider. As part of an existing partnership with IBM, KPN sells cloud services built on SoftLayer infrastructure. The company plans to deliver value-added cloud services to more than 1 million small, midsize, large, and corporate businesses across the Netherlands via the new SoftLayer facility.

"We are committed to offer services allowing our customers to stay on the leading edge of innovative developments," Louis Rustenhoven, director of marketing and sales for KPN Business Market, said in a statement. "With our partnership with SoftLayer, our end users will be able to take advantage of cloud services that not only meet their in-country data residency requirements, but will also offer a choice between three IaaS options: bare-metal servers, single-tenant and multi-tenant virtual machines, for most optimized performance, security, scalability and manageability."

Last month, IBM announced the opening of a second cloud center in Australia, this one in Sydney. As part of IBM's $1.2 billion investment to expand its cloud services, the new facility joins the first facility in Melbourne in meeting the growing customer demand for scalable cloud solutions with global reach in Australia.

Since launching its first Australian cloud center late last year, IBM Cloud has added hundreds of new customers and experienced a boom across other SoftLayer facilities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

Building on this success, the new Sydney facility makes it easy for Australian customers, or those looking for an Australian location, to tap into IBM's enterprise-grade offerings. It broadens data redundancy options within Australia and APAC while providing secure, scalable, and customizable infrastructure solutions for both enterprise and born-on-the-Web businesses.

New Zealand-based independent video game development studio Grinding Gear Games hosts the online action RPG "Path of Exile" in five IBM Cloud centers worldwide. For Grinding Gear Games, the broadening of the SoftLayer global network means eliminating latency and providing a reliable and enjoyable experience for end users.

"Extremely fast provisioning times and the ability to automate such provisioning allow us to treat SoftLayer's bare-metal servers like virtual servers so that we can scale up rapidly when player numbers increase," Chris Wilson, managing director of Grinding Gear Games, said in a statement. "SoftLayer's free and reliable back-end connection between data centers is critical to the stable operation of our game service. As IBM Cloud expands its SoftLayer services to more countries globally, we'll also be expanding the breadth of 'Path of Exile,' simply by hosting servers in each new data center."