IBM Partners With Docker, Launches Containers Service

IBM partners with Docker, launches the IBM Containers Service and becomes the first company to sell integrated solutions with Docker Hub Enterprise.

IBM Docker

IBM and Docker announced a strategic partnership where IBM will work with Docker to sell integrated solutions with Docker Hub Enterprise (DHE).

The deal enables enterprises to more efficiently build and run new applications on the IBM Cloud and on prem via the Docker open platform. Enterprises can use the combination of IBM and Docker to create and manage portable distributed apps composed of discrete interoperable Docker containers, have a dynamic lifecycle, and can scale to run in concert anywhere from the developer’s laptop to hundreds of hosts in the cloud.

The move also eliminates underlying infrastructure constraints that limited their ability to innovate. Building on Docker's Open Platform, the two companies will also help developers build smarter applications that are coupled with IBM's strong security and integration with existing enterprise systems, including service management and DevOps.

As part of this partnership, IBM announced the beta of IBM Containers which is a Docker-based container service that will include open Docker-native features and interfaces, including the new Docker orchestration services. Delivered as part of Bluemix, IBM’s open cloud platform for application development, the IBM Containers service will enable enterprises to launch Docker containers directly onto the IBM Cloud on bare metal servers from SoftLayer.

The IBM Containers Service enables you to run Docker containers in a hosted cloud environment, on IBM Bluemix. Users can port their existing applications to IBM Bluemix and make them publically accessible by using containers. A private registry is provided where trusted images can be uploaded, stored and retrieved.

As the first company to work with Docker to sell integrated solutions that include DHE, IBM will be a premier provider of Docker’s flagship product for the enterprise market. DHE provides enterprises with a turnkey solution for distributed applications that allows their developers to focus on creating differentiated services behind the firewall and assembling them together with the best content that they have selected from the more than 60,000 Dockerized services available in the Docker Hub hosted repository.

“This partnership with IBM is a great win for the rapidly growing number of enterprises that see Docker as the foundation for a new generation of business critical distributed applications;” said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, in a statement. “IBM’s commitment to delivering enterprise-grade Docker native solutions will drive dynamic, new business initiatives for enterprises through portable, highly dynamic Docker-based applications.”

“As enterprises demand tools that allow them to develop applications in a consistent and easy manner, Docker containers have quickly become the de facto building block for doing so,” said Angel Diaz, IBM’s vice president of Open Technology and Cloud Performance Solutions, in a statement. “IBM Containers service running Docker containers on SoftLayer's bare metal servers provides improved performance over traditional approaches and this strategic partnership between IBM and Docker is the first of its kind to provide enterprises with integrated tools and services they need to automate application deployment across the public cloud and on-premise cloud centers.”