IBM Pushes Cloud-Based Disaster-Recovery Services

IBM announced that its cloud-based disaster recovery service, SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR), is catching on in India.

IBM announced that three organizations in India have selected IBM's cloud-based disaster-recovery service to ensure business continuity and operational resiliency.

IBM said its SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR) platform will provide these organizations with managed server recovery that will ensure faster restoration, while minimizing data loss and enabling continued customer service in any disaster scenario.

The three organizations, spanning manufacturing and services industries, that have adopted the IBM SmartCloud VSR solution include Servion Global Solutions, a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions firm; Synthite Industries, a manufacturer of natural products; and Luminous, a power backup provider.

IBM officials said enterprises in India are increasingly using cloud-based technologies to drive agility and integration across functions and operations. Moreover, business resiliency and continuity are critical to organizations as any downtime may potentially result in revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction and negative brand image. Organizations, including small and medium enterprises, are heavily focusing on disaster recovery to ensure seamless business operations.

"The need for uninterrupted business operations has become crucial for us to ensure enhanced customer engagement and protect critical business data," said Chander Khanduja, CIO of Luminous, in a statement. "IBM's proven expertise in cloud-based virtual recovery assured us of a highly resilient infrastructure that helped us mitigate downtime risks. The subscription-based pricing model provides costs benefits as well."

IBM's VSR is a disaster-recovery service that enables users to not only provision recovery resources in minutes but also avoid errors of manual operations. It ensures that the company continues its business operations without any disruption to client service. Businesses look to cloud-based VSR service for its reliability, scalability and ability to dramatically reduce recovery time, IBM said.

The service helps improve server recovery time and reliability by leveraging automation and cloud tools. It minimizes the risk of failure due to disparate hardware at the production data center and provides remote portal access to help reduce cost and travel time.

"It is important for organizations to have a strategic approach to business continuity and resiliency," said Lingraju Sawkar, director of integrated technology services for global technology services in the IBM India/South Asia region. "In the event of a disaster, a physical recovery approach may drastically increase the risk of data loss while significantly increasing recovery time as well," Sawkar said in a statement. "But the IBM SmartCloud VSR solution leverages advanced cloud tools to help enterprises improve business reliability with remote server recovery flexibility."