IBM Relays Its Message About Its Hybrid Cloud Endeavors

1 - IBM Relays Its Message About Its Hybrid Cloud Endeavors
2 - Capturing Growth in the Cloud Era
3 - IBM's Steve Robinson
4 - The Cloud and Business Value
5 - Disruption
6 - Hybrid Cloud
7 - Four Guiding Principles
8 - Integrated Cloud Platform
9 - IaaS
10 - Cloud Data Centers
11 - Public, Dedicated, Local
12 - Open by Design
13 - Microservices
14 - Bluemix Catalog
15 - End-to-End Orchestration and Governance
16 - Bluemix Garage
17 - Open cloud panel
18 - Forrester
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IBM Relays Its Message About Its Hybrid Cloud Endeavors

In addition to IBM's SoftLayer IaaS, Bluemix PaaS and many SaaS offerings, IBM has delivered its Relay technology to customers moving to the hybrid cloud.

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Capturing Growth in the Cloud Era

Steve Robinson, general manager of IBM Cloud Platform Services, gave an opening keynote on growth in the cloud era.

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IBM's Steve Robinson

During his keynote, IBM's Steve Robinson said: "Developers are using APIs and building data-intensive apps at an explosive rate, but many, particularly those in heavily regulated industries, want the choice to keep sensitive workloads within their own data center," he said.

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The Cloud and Business Value

The role of the cloud is maturing for the purpose of delivering innovation and business value.

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One-third of the top 20 companies will be disrupted over the next three years.

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Hybrid Cloud

IBM pushes a hybrid cloud strategy that covers private, public and dedicated cloud environments.

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Four Guiding Principles

IBM offers up its four guiding principles for digital transformation.

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Integrated Cloud Platform

IBM offers an integrated cloud platform with services, security, existing apps and DevOps.

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IBM's SoftLayer IaaS technology comes in bare-metal, shared virtual environment and dedicated virtual environment flavors.

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Cloud Data Centers

IBM has more than 40 cloud data centers worldwide.

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Public, Dedicated, Local

IBM offers public, dedicated and local cloud services, as well as a combination of all three.

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Open by Design

IBM's Bluemix PaaS technology, based on Cloud Foundry, is open by design. And the IBM Cloud supports a variety of open-source technologies.

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The IBM Cloud enables a microservices architecture.

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Bluemix Catalog

IBM's Bluemix catalog offers more than 100 IBM and third-party services.

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End-to-End Orchestration and Governance

The IBM Cloud provides end-to-end orchestration and governance, featuring tools, such as IBM Cloud Orchestrator and UrbanCode Deploy.

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Bluemix Garage

Rachel Reinitz, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO of IBM Bluemix Garage, talks about the Bluemix Garage concept of empowering startups to disrupt industries. "You can't disrupt your own industry if you don't know what customers want," she said.

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Open Cloud Panel

Angel Diaz, IBM’s vice president of Cloud Architecture and Technology (far left), hosted a panel on open-source technology and the cloud, including participants: Chip Childers, vice president of technology at the Cloud Foundry Foundation (across from Diaz, wearing glasses); Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, vice president of IBM Cloud Foundation Services; Mary Mt. Pleasant, senior cloud advisor at IBM, and Jesse Proudman, CTO of Blue Box (far right).

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John Rymer, principal analyst at Forrester Research, discusses the rapid growth of "customer-centric" workloads in the cloud and the challenges many organizations have faced with private cloud.

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