IBM Tracks Cloud Deals to Top Ranking

IBM announced a series of recent cloud computing wins and partnerships, and noted that analyst firm Synergy Research ranked Big Blue tops in hybrid and private cloud.

IBM lcloud

The latest global analysis from Synergy Research Group ranks IBM as the top hybrid and private cloud provider for the enterprise and positions the company among the top three providers in the cloud market for the third quarter of 2014.

IBM also announced a series of global enterprise clients in industries, including telecommunications, publishing and security, turning to it for cloud computing.

Korean e-publishing company, Artgrafii, has deployed its platform that creates and distributes professional content on the IBM Cloud to enable it to store, edit and manage online content more effectively as it expands outside Korea. Additionally, Artgrafii is using IBM Bluemix for fast product enhancements and new service development.

IBM is partnering with one of the Netherland's largest telecommunications services providers, KPN, to extend its cloud services in the Dutch market. With data center capacity across the Netherlands, IBM will provide KPN and its end users cloud services that not only meet in-country data residency requirements, but will also offer them the choice between three infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) delivery models: bare metal servers, single-tenant virtual machines and multi-tenant virtual machines.

Israeli technology firm Gama Operations has deployed a new system for encrypting phone calls and video calls, and voice or video conferences on the IBM Cloud, taking advantage of SoftLayer's constant availability and high-speed private network to extend their services to new geographies, allocate resources faster and offer flexible payment models to their customers.

"Synergy's findings show IBM's successful commitment to provide public, private and hybrid cloud services enterprises need to address existing business needs and position them for future growth regardless of their industry or specialization," said James Comfort, IBM's general manager of cloud services, in a statement. "The study reinforces IBM's position as the cloud platform for the enterprise."

Artgrafii has been preparing to expand the reach of its Saegeul service, a platform that creates and distributes professional content, such as novels, technical documents, tutorials and more via the Internet. The company had planned to launch its product in the United States, but its previous IT infrastructure could not support its growth.

In its search for a cloud infrastructure provider, Artgrafii had two major considerations, IBM said. First, it needed to house its massive amount of content in a secure location outside Korea. Secondly, it was looking for a way to create new products and services. Artgrafii chose SoftLayer for its agility and stability through its global private network and to build an IT infrastructure that enables faster support of customer demands while concurrently handling massive amounts of download and upload traffic.

"As a startup, we were hesitant to expand overseas because of cost, time and technical reasons," said Jaehee Hwang, president of Artgrafii, in a statement. "Now, by choosing IBM's cloud, we can minimize risks and maximize overseas opportunities by leveraging IBM's presence in those markets. SoftLayer's infrastructure and advanced Bluemix development platform will enable us to provide a fast and stable Saegeul service to our customers globally."

KPN delivers value-added cloud services to more than 1 million small, midsize, large and corporate businesses across the Netherlands. The company is investing in further developing its cloud-based services that evolve from current focus areas on the end user to delivering services such as storage, back-up and computing power. KPN looked to SoftLayer to provide the infrastructure needed to improve its cloud-based platform offering. With new services on top of the IBM Cloud, KPN is planning to expand into new markets to offer new cloud-based software and business process to new and existing clients.