In the Beginning

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In the Beginning

Here is the original Google TV interface. This is the same interface we at eWEEK have been seeing for most of the year.

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The New Look

This is the redesigned Google TV home screen.

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Old Google TV Apps

The original Google TV apps screen. We got used to it, but it could have been better.

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New Google TV Apps

This is the refreshed Google TV Apps screen, which offers a smartphone/tablet palette from which users may access their favorite apps.

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The Old Google TV Search

This is what original search app looked like.

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Search 2.0

The new Google TV Search shows users content from more than just TV sources.

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Playing Movies

This is the Google TV "TV & Movies" app. Think YouTube Movies, but streamed via your TV rather than on your computer.

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TV Programming Menu

This is what the TV show menu looks like on the TV & Movies app.

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Pivot to Play Feature

One of the cool features of the first Google TV was the ability to minimize a TV program while searching other content. This Pivot to Play feature lets users preview other videos and content while continuing to watch the same program.

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Meet the New YouTube

The new YouTube app has a menu right in your face, allowing users to discover, search and play video clips and movies.

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TV Music App

The Google TV Music app lets users organize and listen to favorite music.

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Organize Photos on Google TV

Users can also organize their photos with the updated UI.

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Access Android Market

Google TV's Android Market has been refreshed to offer Google TV-tailored apps, such as Pandora, CNBC, Flixster and others.

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