Integrator Dell Boomi Acquires Workflow Automationist ManyWho

Workflow automation is an important requirement for businesses and organizations pursuing digital transformation and IT modernization.


When Dell decided to sell off its software division to two private equity firms last June while in the process of acquiring EMC's universe of properties, it divested every previously independent company it had acquired (Quest, SonicWall, Statistica, Ocarina, Scalent) except one: integration and data management provider Boomi.

We're not here to question any of the motivations behind the acquisitions and divestitures, but one thing we do know about business: Acquisitions need to make profits for their owners. Boomi has been very profitable and has developed into an integral part of the overall Dell EMC.

And we know this about Boomi: Since its acquisition by Dell in November 2010, Boomi has evolved to become the busiest cloud integrator in the world, according to a majority of industry analysts.

"We are literally getting four to five new customers a day," CEO Chris McNabb told eWEEK. "We're in excess of 5,300 customers worldwide. The business continues to grow at much higher than market growth rate. Our customer retention rate is very high, 95 to 97 percent."

High Customer Retention Rate

How many IT business do you know who acquire four or five new customers a day, or have a 95 percent retention rate?

For the record, Dell Boomi's integration platform helps organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data, in addition to helping users reduce implementation time. It also offers master data management and application programming interface (API) management packages.

(Remember master data management? That was the original MDM acronym; the latest one refers to mobile data management.)

The company is replacing older management installations from WebMethods, TIBCO and others, McNabb said.

Last week, Boomi expanded its influence by acquiring a San Francisco-based startup, ManyWho, a workflow automation specialist that fills an important gap in Boomi's service lineup. Terms of the transaction were not released.

ManyWho, founded in 2013, will augment Boomi's application and data integration tools with a unified cloud and low-code development platform for building and deploying workflow applications.

It also will enable developers to build workflow apps that automate business processes.

Both Companies Were Born in the Cloud

"Both Boomi and ManyWho were born in the cloud and are cloud native. Without an on-premises legacy to manage, Boomi provides instant access to services with no installation, effortless and automatic software upgrades and crowd-sourced ease-of-use to achieve short time-to-value," McNabb said.

"Boomi plus ManyWho brings world-class integration together with leading cloud workflow automation. This combination provides our customers with a connected workflow which is key to an efficient and differentiated business."

Workflow automation is an important requirement for businesses and organizations pursuing digital transformation and IT modernization.

The acquisition enable businesses to maximize best-of-breed cloud applications, driving efficiency, increasing time to value and building a competitive advantage, McNabb said. 

Boomi plans to keep ManyWho's employees, including CEO Steve Wood, and existing operations and will continue to invest in additional engineering, channel, marketing, professional services, support and sales capability.
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