Jefferson County Before

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Jefferson County Before

Here is a tranquil Jefferson County in 2010.

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Jefferson County After

Here is Jefferson County, after being struck by tornadoes on April 27.

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Jefferson County Towns

Google highlights Jefferson County towns as they looked in 2010.

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Devastation in Jefferson County Towns

Here are those same towns from the celestial view, after.

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Peaceful Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove, Ala., was covered in lush forest in the view from 2010.

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Pleasant Grove Destroyed

Here is the scene after the tornadoes uprooted thousands of trees.

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Alberta Elementary School

This is what Alberta Elementary School looked like in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in 2010 before the tornado.

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Alberta Elementary After the Storm

The school and its surroundings are shredded by the vicious winds.

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Charleston Square Apartments

Here are the Charleston Square Apartments in Tuscaloosa in 2010.

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Charleston Apartments Swept Away

Charleston Square Apartments ceased to exist after the tornado in 2011.

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University Place Elementary School

Here is the University Place Elementary School in Tuscaloosa in 2010.

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University After

This is what's left of the elementary school in 2011 after the tornado.

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Tuscaloosa in 2010

Here is the wide view of Tuscaloosa as it was in 2010.

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Tuscaloosa Struck by Tornadoes

This is what happened in Tuscaloosa when the tornadoes swept through. A lot of houses and buildings that were on the map before simply aren't anymore.

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