Labs Gallery: Firefox 3.5 Provides Significant Improvements

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Labs Gallery: Firefox 3.5 Provides Significant Improvements

By Jim Rapoza

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Performance and Reliability Improvements

With performance and reliability improvements in the new Firefox 3.5, users should be able to engage in long browsing sessions with multiple open tabs and windows without fear of crashes or slowdowns.

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Private Browsing

Private browsing, a feature found in most other current-generation browsers, is now included in Firefox.

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Private Browsing Mode

When in Private Browsing mode, Firefox will not save data or information from the browsing session. The title bar of the browser lets users know that they are in Private Browsing mode.

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Forget About This Site

The Forget About This Site feature in Firefox 3.5 makes it possible from the browser History to remove traces of a site already visited.

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With Firefox 3.5, Mozilla has enabled significant support for the forthcoming HTML 5 standard. Among other things, HTML 5 makes video viewable by the browser (with no plug-ins needed), and enables high levels of interaction between video and other Web content.

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Geolocation Capabilities

Firefox 3.5's geolocation capabilities let users share their location information with Websites for use in applications.

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Standards Support

The Acid3 Web standards test shows that Firefox 3.5 improves significantly on the previous version of the Mozilla browser, but is still behind Opera and browsers based on Webkit.