Labs Gallery: rPath rBuilder 5 Gets Flash-y, Adds Linux Distro Support

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Labs Gallery: rPath rBuilder 5 Gets Flash-y, Adds Linux Distro Support

by Jason Brooks

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Appliance Options

The first step to creating a software appliance with rBuilder involves choosing your desired Linux distribution platform and selecting which deployment options to support.

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Package Selection

Using rBuilder's new Flash-based interface, I could grab software components from the repositories of my chosen Linux distribution, as well as create new packages.

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Import an RPM

I could upload RPM or DEB packages, as well as regular TAR archives, to add to my software appliances.

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Package Creation

rBuilder sorts through the software dependencies required to run your uploaded packages.

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Build Queue

Sorting through the queue of appliance build operations highlights the richness of rBuilder's new Flash-based interface.

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Old Interface

The Flash interface replaces the previous, HTML-based controls.

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Flash Flaws

While the new Flash interface provides a more desktop app-like experience, I encountered a handful of interface stalls and lockups during my tests.

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Error Issues

While on the topic of interface qualms, I ran into a few unhelpful error messages during my testing. Fortunately, the rBuilder appliance's admin console offered up plenty of logs to peruse.

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EC2 Launch

From rBuilder's new management console, I could launch my images on virtualization targets such as Amazon's EC2 cloud computing service.

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More EC2 Launch

I could set my desired EC2 launch options from a pop-up dialog in the rBuilder interface.

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vSphere Target

I also launched appliances on a VMware vSphere setup in the lab.

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