LiveOps Expands On-Demand Contact Center Platform

LiveOps, a company that provides virtual call center services, is introducing a new round of cloud-based services for the enterprise. Google, Microsoft, and other companies have all been making aggressive pushes into cloud computing, particularly in expanding their SAAS portfolios.

LiveOps released the Spring 09 edition of its LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform on April 21. The new edition is designed to increase productivity of enterprise contact centers with new administration capabilities and legacy contact center integration.

LiveOps runs virtual call centers for business clients.

The Spring 09 edition of the On-Demand Contact Center Platform adds chat and e-mail capabilities, an enhanced user interface and tools for building post-call surveys.

Along with a number of other IT companies, LiveOps has been attempting to meet enterprise customer service needs through cloud-based computing solutions. In a recessionary environment, enterprises are finding that SAAS (software as a service) solutions could present an alterative to investing in data center infrastructure.

"Because it is delivered as a service on a pay-as-you-go model, customers aren't constrained by large up-front capital expenditures that are required with premise[s]-based solutions," Wes Hayden, president of LiveOps, said in a statement.

Other IT companies have been making substantial movements into SAAS for enterprise clients, particularly in the area of customer relations.

In March, announced that Twitter would become the latest social networking application to be integrated into its Service Cloud, bolstering a cloud-based customer service channel that also includes Facebook connections and Google search.

Analysts have been predicting that clouds from and Google could very well end up in heavy competition against Microsoft Windows Azure and for IT clients' dollars. As the recession continues, more and more chief financial officers may look to cloud computing and SAAS solutions as a way to improve the bottom line.