McNealy Pushes Suns Grid Vision - Page 2

Shifting away from Suns change to a grid model, McNealy also said to expect to see an announcement from Microsoft Corp.s Steve Ballmer and himself in November spelling out how the two will work together to bridge, but never close, the gap between Java and the .Net environment.

McNealy also talked briefly about Suns recent IP (intellectual property) loss to Kodak. He said that Sun takes this loss very seriously. In a warning tone, McNealy said, "If someone comes after us [in an IP issue], were going to come after them. We may go after Kodak. We have a vast patent portfolio."

McNealy insisted throughout the presentation that Sun is doing well and that the company will be around for the long run.

Indeed, "I dont want to see us having 40 percent to 60 percent growth again. We fell short in service and support then. I dont want to see that again. Ive also given up tequila," McNealy said wryly.

Finally, in a familiar theme, McNealy said that IBM is, as always, the enemy and that Sun is the champion of open source, open standards and the people. Concluding, "Only two companies, Sun and IBM, can build trucks. All of the others, including HP and Microsoft, can only build truck parts."


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