Message Bus Taps Joyent Cloud for Quadruple Performance Gain

Message Bus code runs four times as fast on the Joyent Cloud after a partnership between the two companies.

Cloud infrastructure provider Joyent announced that Message Bus, a pioneer of cloud-based infrastructure for email, mobile and social messaging, is able to run its code four times faster on the Joyent cloud.

Message Bus recently announced a key partnership with Joyent—which provides high-performance cloud infrastructure for real-time Web and mobile applications—that ensures that the Message Bus Global Delivery Network continues to provide users with a flexible, low latency and highly scalable cloud.

"Enterprises generate billions of messages per month," said Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO at Joyent, in a statement. "Enterprise messaging represents a huge market that demands fast, reliable and high-capacity solutions. Our cloud infrastructure is built from the ground up to meet these requirements, which include dynamic bursting, the ability to infinitely scale and an elastic environment."

With these tools, Message Bus has built a messaging infrastructure that "drastically improves inbox deliverability," said Hoffman.

Though message delivery is a business-critical need for organizations, it is seldom a core competency. Enter Message Bus, which empowers companies to better communicate with new and existing customers through mobile, social and email messaging across transactional and marketing channels via its Global Delivery Network. By programmatically ensuring communication compliance across the industry's leading ISPs, Message Bus is restoring trust between senders and receivers as well as improving the ability of companies to communicate with customers.

"Joyent allowed us to control every aspect of their environment, thereby empowering us to build a better application service," said Ken Cheney, president of Message Bus, in a statement. "Our code runs four times faster on Joyent's cloud than on any other provider."

Instead of Joyent requiring Message Bus to use a dedicated set of hardware components, Message Bus was able to "use exactly what we need in an elastic environment where we can shift workloads to meet capacity," said Cheney.

The partnership between Message Bus and Joyent could be viewed as a milestone in the messaging and infrastructure world, Joyent officials said. By delivering on the promise of the real-time cloud, Message Bus and Joyent are liberating organizations from hardware dependencies that are not only costly and complex, but also limit the full potential of digital messaging across channels.

Joyent offers enterprises and developers public and hybrid cloud infrastructure for today's real-time Web and mobile applications. It delivers public cloud services to some of the most innovative companies in the world, including Digital Chocolate, LinkedIn, Voxer and ModCloth. Node.js, the open source server-side JavaScript project sponsored by Joyent, provides developers and enterprises such as Microsoft, Walmart and Comcast Labs with a powerful runtime for developing data-intensive, real-time apps. Joyent is also a key contributor to and sponsor of SmartOS, an open source project with the tagline of delivering a "complete, modern operating system." SmartOS provides a combination of hardware and operating system virtualization to support efficient, reliable and high-performing cloud computing.

Message Bus provides a cloud-native application service for enabling and powering messaging across email, mobile and social channels. The company removes the burden and cost of deploying multiple messaging servers with a service available via SMTP or through a programmatic API.

In December, Message Bus announced an email guarantee for transactional and triggered emails that take the form of password resets, delivery confirmations, abandoned shopping cart notifications, receipts and other interactive messages. Transactional emails sent through Message Bus' Global Delivery Network will be generated and handed off to a receiving ISP in 30 seconds or less. The Message Bus Global Delivery Network lets enterprises, email service providers and application developers send trusted messages at scale.

Meanwhile, in November, Joyent announced Joyent7, a fabric-based cloud infrastructure platform to support the increasing demands of large enterprises and cloud services providers. Joyent7 features Node.js debugging and performance tools, unified directory services, and LDAP-favored user management and directory service written in Node.js. It also offers billing and financial management, an updated cloud operations dashboard and toolkit, workflow APIs and data center local storage.