Microsoft Bing News Beckons Google News Haters

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Microsoft Bing News Beckons Google News Haters

by Clint Boulton

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Bing News

Hate the Google News? The new Bing News Webpage lets users localize their news based on their location. Location-based Web services have become table stakes in the Web economy today.

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Latest News

Bing lets users sort either by most recent or look to the right for the most recently published stories. The latest stories module shows a timeline that indicates how many stories related to this topic were published as the week has progressed.

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Bing Social in News

A search for "Vienna Girardi" yields the latest news and lets users access what others are saying through stories tweeted via Bing Social.

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Bing Health

Bing's Health vertical now boasts Twitter tweets from health publishers in instant answers.

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Data Tables

Check out the new health data tables about symptoms and diseases.

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Clinical Trials

Bing Health offers shortcuts to clinical trials for cancer types and other major diseases.

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Bing Shopping

Refinements in the left-hand rail on Bing Shopping offer product descriptions and product reviews and ratings.

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Laptop Shopping

Whittle down search for computers from thousands of results to three with the refinements in Bing Shopping.

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Share Your Shopping Results

Share shopping results with friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

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Other Details

Bing Shopping also provides a summary page with pictures, shipping info and ratings and reviews about a product.

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Bing Finance

The new Bing Finance Web page displays market status and the top news in the finance sector.

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Taking Stock

Bing's new stock screener features new filters to make stock perusal a snap.

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Check Investment Funds

Bing details funds as well as a chart that tracks the price movement of the fund.

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Bing Flights

Bing's flight display is the best in the business. No wonder Google moved to acquire flight info software firm ITA.

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