Microsoft Introduces Rapid Cloud Container Deployment Service

The company's new Azure Container Instances service allows customers to quickly deploy containers with a minimum of infrastructure management.

Azure Containers

Microsoft today unveiled a new service dubbed Azure Container Instances that speeds the creation and deployment of containers on the company's cloud.

"The very first service of its kind in the cloud, Azure Container Instances (ACI), is a new Azure service delivering containers with great simplicity and speed and without any Virtual Machine infrastructure to manage," wrote Corey Sanders, director of Compute at Microsoft Azure, in a July 26 announcement. "ACIs are the fastest and easiest way to run a container in the cloud."

Containers are a hit among enterprise DevOps teams, at least among those that value agile IT and rapid application development cycles. Now Microsoft is hoping to make it even easier for Azure customers to jump on the container bandwagon by dispensing with many of the configuration and management tasks associated with setting up an application container environment.

Spinning up a container with Azure Container Instances can be accomplished with a straightforward command containing a handful of parameters. Example commands are available in this blog post authored by Sanders.

Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

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