Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Status Notifications Go Mobile

Today's topics include push notifications for the Office 365 Admin app, the virtualization of Oracle Communications products, security issues with fitness monitors and why ARM executives went to this year's Red Hat Summit.

Service interruptions are unavoidable consequences of trusting enterprise applications to a third-party cloud provider. Microsoft is working on ways of giving IT administrators a heads-up about problems, possibly before they face the ire of their users and bosses.

The company has added push notifications to the Office 365 Admin app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android so that IT administrators won't be caught off-guard by cloud downtime. Customers in the first release round of updates can switch on the feature now. A worldwide release will follow later, according to Olmstead.

Oracle Communications is virtualizing its products to help communications service providers more easily make the move to network-functions virtualization.

At the LTE World Summit 2015 in Amsterdam July 23, Oracle officials announced the release of four products—the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller, Converged Application Server, Services Gatekeeper and Policy Management—that they said will bring greater flexibility, scalability and automation to service provider networks as they move to network-functions virtualization.

Fitness monitors that are popular with consumers have design issues that raise risk of data leakage, which could allow attackers to modify information on the devices, according to a study released on June 23 by German security testing firm AV-Test.

The study found that the devices had up to nine security issues, out of the 11 issues, for which the company tested. Most of the devices did not allow Bluetooth to be disconnected on the wristband and some applications associated with the fitness devices exposed log information. All of the applications did encrypt communications, however.

ARM is actively participating in this year's Red Hat Summit, according to Jeff Underhill, director of server programs for the chip designer. This will be the first year that ARM has its own booth at the show, which runs until June 26 in Boston.

Underhill will spend much of that time meeting with hardware and software partners, analysts, journalists and potential customers about the company's efforts to make its low-power system-on-a-chip (SoC) architecture more prominent in the global server market.

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